Magic Meadow Ponies :: Secret Suprise Twins

Magic Meadow Ponies were produced by Hasbro in 1993 and were part of the Cabbage Patch Kids line, and an extension of the Crimp n' Curl Ponies which were released in 1992. They were very similar to My Little Ponies, only a bit chunkier. Each pony came with a birth certificate with their name, birthday, weight, height and personality, plus a brush and one or two other small hair related accessories. Their names were pretty unimaginative, sticking to the same six for each set.

Image on this page thanks to Tabby's Toy Lists!

Secret Surprise Twins

Secret Surprise Twins had symbols which would reveal a secret message. They came with a special pen which when dipped in cold water and applied to the ponies symbols would reveal their secret messages. As well as the yellow pair pictured below there may have also been an orange pair.

Secret Surprise Twins were the last set of Magic Meadow Ponies to be released and I have as yet to find any actual images of them.

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Magic Meadow Ponies :: Secret Suprise Twins