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"Brighten up your dreams!"

Moondreamers were produced by Hasbro in 1986, and were very short lived. The dolls were all outfitted in a celestial theme, using lots of lamé and metallic fabrics as well as glow in the dark elements. In addition, their hair glowed in the dark, and they all had stars in their eyes. Each doll also came with a figure stand and jewel necklace.  Later releases came with "Dreamtails" instead of jewel necklaces. It is interesting to note that the Hasbro catalogue for 1988 had many new Moondreamer dolls and accessories which were never produced, a great source of wonder for Moondreamer collectors! As well as the dolls, there was an animation, accessories, playsets, books and an annual.

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All animations were produced in 1986 for TV, with many being released on video.

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Moondreamers :: Animation