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My Little Pony was also produced in Japan by Takara in 1985, and looked nothing like the Hasbro version! The line was called "My Little Pony - Stylish Pony" and they were a small series of upright poseable pony figures (adults and babies) with large heads and brushable hair. There were also fashions and playsets. All items are highly sought after.

There were many "fakie" babies produced after Takara stopped production of varying quality.

Images on this page thanks to many different sellers on various sales sites! Very useful info gathered from My Little Wiki!


"Fakie" babies are easier to come by than the original Takara toys as they were made by several companies and in lots of different colours. I have identified two of the companies but there were no doubt more as the moulds used varied in size and quality quite a bit.

Spanish company Palau Toys produced the most authentic copies of the babies and their carriage. They were even featured in their 1986 toy catalogue. There was also a line called "Lovely Pets" which included various coloured baby ponies, sold packaged up with adult Remco fakie ponies (a fakie fakie pony!.

Some fakie babies have a faint Takara copyright mark on their bottoms (by Palau), but the real babies marking were very clear. Other fakies have no markings at all and most had poor quality rooted hair or painted faces and were made of thinner plastic.

An excellent comparison post on the different fakie babies can be found here:,286988.0.html

Mis caballitos lindos ~ Palau Toys [Spain, 1986]

Palau's 1986 catalogue included the baby carriage with babies, plus the twins without the carriage. They also produced lots of different coloured babies which were sold in see-through plastic boxes with handles (which they sold various other little toys in too).

Palau ~ Baby Carriage / Wagon

I've found two variations of this set. One has twins with pink and purple hair, and the other has twins with pink and blue hair (body colours unchanged).

The box design was similar to Takra.

Back packaging images were very similar to Takra too.

This is the original Takara set for comparison:

Palau ~ Babies

There were several different coloured babies produced which were sold in see-through plastic boxes with handles (which were used to sell various other little toys in too) and they were also sold in little plastic cases.

Each set came with a comb, bottle and butterfly hairclip. They were made in a mixture of the two poses (arms up and arms down).

The box used Takara's illustrations inside.

This is Takara's illustration used by Palau:

The little plastic boxes were used to sell all kinds of different Palau lines. This is just one example.

I've found two "ponies" with a different body mould, hair along their sides and Takara style heads.

Ponies were also sold in plastic cases, which were either red or pink on the back. It looks like they could be strung up. Note the poor quality join between the head and the body.

Palau ~ Adult Pony?

I came across this image of an adult pony inside the same packaging used to sell the baby carriage. For some reason she is sideways! Her eyebrows are positioned much closer to her eyes than the Takara ponies.

Lovely Pets

I don't know the production date or who these were made by as none of the packaging was marked. The adult ponies look like Remco fakies. There were several other packs and fashion sets produced which didn't included the Takara baby fakies (not shown here). All babies were made in Popo's pose (arms down) as far as I know.

"Style the long hair of your two little friends with their own comb and brush."

These sets came with one adult pony, two identical baby ponies, a comb, brush and two butterfly hairclips. The text was in French.

"A shining pet with beautiful rainbow hair. Style and braid its long silky hair with its own special comb and ribbon."

The packaging illustration is different on these packs but the contents were the same. Some adult ponies had rainbow hair (as the packaging described) and others did not. None of the babies had rainbow hair.

"Together with plastic comb, brush and butterfly."

The packaging illustration on these packs is a mashup of the two styles above!

Each set came with an adult and baby Remco fakie pony, and a Takara baby pony fakie. Each pack also included a comb, brush and two butterfly hairclips.

Loose Ponies

There were a lot of different colour combinations produced. These loose ones are all in Popo's pose (arms down).

Greens and Blues

Pinks, Oranges & Purples


There were some with non-white noses too.

These are the original Takara babies for comparison:

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