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"From a magic world where dreams come true, My Magic Genies help grant wished for you! Ask each exotic genie what you wish for most dearly, she'll tell you her answer quite clearly. Then she's off with her favourite pet by her side to her glittery palace on a a magical carpet ride! So many exotic adventures in store - there's a world of magic for you to explore!"

My Magic Genies were produced by Kenner (aka Hasbro) in 1995. They were a series of small genie dolls and animals with plastic bottle houses. Each set came with several small accessories and there was also a playset.

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"Adorable genie pets with a fortune-telling feature! Mini genie bottle homes hold each pet and all her accessories! Girls press pets tummy for answers to their wishes! Each pet comes with personalised accessory, jewel-tone charm, leach, brush, plus magic carpet package cut outs!"

There were three pets produced in the first series. Like the dolls, all of the pets had a cardboard "carpet" on the back of their card that could be cut out. They also came with various accessories along with their homes.

  • Anya, the magical lion cub of sleepytime
  • Suki, the magical unicorn of beautytime
  • Zyra, the magical dragon of playtime


My Magic Genies


My Magic Genies


My Magic Genies

Unproduced Pets

The series was set to go into a second run, but it doesn't appear to have ever been produced for sale.

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My Magic Genies :: Pets