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"From a magic world where dreams come true, My Magic Genies help grant wished for you! Ask each exotic genie what you wish for most dearly, she'll tell you her answer quite clearly. Then she's off with her favourite pet by her side to her glittery palace on a a magical carpet ride! So many exotic adventures in store - there's a world of magic for you to explore!"

My Magic Genies were produced by Kenner (aka Hasbro) in 1995. They were a series of small genie dolls and animals with plastic bottle houses. Each set came with several small accessories and there was also a playset.

Images on this page thanks to, Kim and various eBay sellers!

Playsets [1st Series]

There was one playset produced, which came with its own exclusive pet (a pegasus).

"This is the Genies' cool Magic Carpet! Press the gem on top to make the canopy spin and see one of five different destinations appear in the window! The carpet moves with a cool floating motion and comes with a tea table and a cut-out scroll!"

My Magic GeniesMy Magic Genies

Unproduced Playsets

"Here's the Genies' cool new Sparkling Palace! Genies can twirl around on a magic carpet!  A beautiful dome shines starlight all around! It comes with a chaise lounge, table, tray, two goblets and two pillows! Snap the Genies' bottles into position to make it even bigger and cooler!"

The series was set to go into a second run, but it doesn't appear to have ever been produced for sale.

My Magic Genies

These two packaging images were sent to me by a collector who was lucky enough to buy this prototype playset from a former Kenner employee.

My Magic Genies

For Sale

My Magic Genies :: Playsets