Mystic Babies :: Mini

"Discover the secret world of baby dragons!"

Mystic Babies were produced by Mega in 2008-9. They were a series of colourful plastic baby dragons with brushable hair. The original sets came in eggs which transformed into little playsets.

Images on this page found on Amazon and eBay, with thanks to various sellers!


There were six mini baby dragons, sold in two sets of three. Each threesome came with one egg between them. There were also three more mini dragons which came with the Train playset.

Leora, Aurora & Diedra

Aliyah, Nadia & Gianna

Mini Colour Change

There were six Mini Colour Change baby dragons, using the same characters from the above set. Their bellies changed colour and a pattern (as on their wings) magically appeared when wet.

Aliyah Aurora Diedra

Gianna Leora Nadia

Mini Scented

There were six scented dragons. I don't know if this is the actual name for the set, or what the individual dragons names are. Each dragon was scented like the fruit symbol on their bellies.

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Mystic Babies :: Mini