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"Did ya ever meet an Oodle? They're little bundoodles of joy that bring kaboodles of fun!"

Oodles were produced in mid to late 1980's by LJN Toys. They were a series of 48 baby powder scented, small plastic baby doll figures. They were numbered one to forty eight. They were all made in a different pose and had a little loop on their heads so they could be strung together. They each came with a collectors card.

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Images on this page from LJN Toy's brochure, thanks to Mel Birnkrant's Toys!

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"Peek-A-Boodles are a talented bunch of Oodles. They're good at almost everything they do - making friends, making music, and even making mischief. Spend some time with the Peek-A-Boodles, and you'll see, fun is their specioodalty!"

There were twelve Oodles in the second series. Each one was moulded holding one accessory.

13. Davoodle
14. Tiffanoodly
15. Lauroodla
16. Marissoodla
17. Markoodle
18. Julieoodle
19. Brendoole
20. Karenoodle
21. Kristoodlin
22. Timothoodly
23. Rebeccoodla
24. Pauloodle

19 (lying), 23, 13, 18, 21 & 16 24 & 14

15 & 17 20 & 22

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Oodles :: Peek-A-Boodles