Oodles :: Rock-A-Bye Boodles

"Did ya ever meet an Oodle? They're little bundoodles of joy that bring kaboodles of fun!"

Oodles were produced in mid to late 1980's by LJN Toys. They were a series of 48 baby powder scented, small plastic baby doll figures. They were numbered one to forty eight. They were all made in a different pose and had a little loop on their heads so they could be strung together. They each came with a collectors card.

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Images on this page from LJN Toy's brochure, thanks to Mel Birnkrant's Toys!

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Rock-A-Bye Boodles

"Rock-A-Bye Boodles are Oodles that love to dress up, even when they have no where to go. That's cause Rock-A-Bye Boodles have fun wherever they are! They know how to laugh and play games, but they must admit, putting on special clothes makes them feel beautifoodle!"

There were twelve Oodles in the third series. Each one was moulded with one piece of clothing.

25. Elizaboodleth
26. Andoodly
27. Oodlamy
28. Jessicoodla
29. Maroodly
30. Brioodlan
31. Jo-oodlanne
32. Christoodlefer
33. Caroodlyn
34. Jonathoodlan
35. Billoodly
36. Katherinoodle

25 & 29 28 & 32

31 & 30 33, 35, 26, 34, 27 & 36

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Oodles :: Rock-A-Bye Boodles