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"You play with me... We watch TV... and then at night you hug me tight and all is right!"

Pillow People were produced by Spring Industries and PCE Marketing in 1986-88. They were a fairly large series of large pillow shaped fabric characters with fabric arms and satin legs, and bold printed features. They were sold in the home furnishing department rather than toy isle.  In 1996 Kidsview re-issues six characters, in 2002 Best Brands re-issued at least three characters, and in 2009 InVision bought the rights but nothing seems to have come of beyond a now defunct website.

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Re-Issues :: Kidsview [1996]

"A lot to hug ... a lot to love!"

In 1996, Kidsview re-designed and re-issued four of the original six pillow people in both large and small sizes. Rock-a-Bye Baby lost the word "Baby" from her name, Mr Sandman's name changed to P.J. Sandman and his clothing colours were altered from red to blue. Pillow fighter was given a smiley face and his black eye was stuffed to make it stand out. The other three had stuffed satin cheeks and the all had stuffed satin noses (rather than printed). Although the write-up on the back states Rock-A-Bye took her security blanket "Woobie" wherever she went, she never actually came with one, and P.J. Sandman no longer had his bag of sand.

Pillow Fighter P.J. Sandman

Rock-A-Bye Sweet Dreams

Tiny Pillow People

The Tiny Pillow People were about 6 inches high.

[no image]
Pillow Fighter P.J. Sandman

Rock-A-Bye Baby Sweet Dreams

Snoozables :: Best Brands [2002]

In 2002, Best Brands re-designed (again) and re-issued the same four characters as above, calling them Pillow People "Snoozables". They were 18 inches high (excluding legs) and described as "plush pillows". Their faces, hands and feet were made from a fuzzy fabric, their bodies from cotton, and their facial features were embroidered. Pillow Fighter looks to have had satin shorts and gloves.

These are hard to find!

P.J. Sandman Sweet Dreams

[no image] [no image]
Rock-A-Bye Baby Pillow Fighter

Re-Issues :: InVision [2009]

In 2009 InVision bought the rights but nothing seems to have come of beyond a now defunct website - http://thepillowpeople.com. The text has been cached but unfortunatly the images have not.

The characters are listed as (the last one being new):

  • Pillow Fighter
  • Rock-A-Bye-Baby
  • Sweet Dreams
  • P.J. Sandman
  • Winkleberry

Could this be InVision Rock-A-By-Baby?

And additional characters are listed as (the first four being new):

  • Betty Bye
  • CD Dozer
  • Dreamboat
  • Marshall Arty
  • Drowsy Dog
  • Hugga Bear
  • Sleepurr

The story of the Pillow People and Snoozeville

"Long ago, the Pillow People took it upon themselves to ensure that children the world over would have pleasant dreams and a good night’s sleep. Their pillo-sophy is that as long as kids know that the Pillow People are there to protect them they never need to be afraid of the dark. It is on these principles that Snoozeville was founded.
In the sleepy town of Snoozeville is the Dreamfactory, where the Pillow People create the stuff that dreams are made of…literally! Under the supervision of P.J. Sandman, the Pillow People make the magic Dreamdust that protects us from Bad dreams, so we can have a good night’s sleep… Then, flying in his magic Four-Poster Bed, Mr. Sandman sprinkles the protective magic sand on children around the world!"

Pillow Pros :: Good Stuff / Toot Sweet Toys [2012]

These two characters were made by Good Stuff / Toot Sweet Toys in 2012 and measured about 14 inches in total. They were not marketed as Pillow People, but as they were based on two of the Sports Pillow People designs from 1987 I thought it best to add them to clear up any confusion.

Baseball Tennis

For Sale

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Pillow People :: Re-Issues