Sqwish Puppies

"Each of these playful little rascals is an irresistible handful of love. Squeeze their fat little tummies, comb their hair, or pull these pokey puppies along by their leashes. You can also help these curious pups explore their new home by twisting the bow on the back of the collar to turn their faces back and forth."

Sqwish Puppies were produced by Cap Toys in 1991 and were part of their soft play "Sqwish" line. They were 4 inch tall and had big, round bellies, which were filled with a squishy rubbery substance (hence the name)! They had plastic faces attached to a soft head with brushable hair or ears. They are hard to find.

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Sqwish Puppies

There were twelve puppies with four different face moulds.They didn't have individual names but were all different colours.

Face Mould 1

Face Mould 2

Face Mould 3

Face Style 4

Here are some detailed images:


The packaging was shapped like a dog kennel. They were also sold loose with just a tag.

"Sqwish Puppies are the newest addition to Cap Toys exciting line of soft, safe SQWISH products. For hours of fun, look for these other sqwishable toys:"

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  • Sqwish Ball Jr
  • Sqwish Ball Hots
  • Sqwish'e Tomato
  • Sqwish Dish
  • Sqwish Sqwash

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Sqwish Puppies