Pound Puppies :: Introduction

"Lovable, Huggable!"

Pound Puppies were designed by Mike Bowling in 1984 and have been in production ever since, changing hands many times (as you can see)! They started out life a series of soft puppies which were adopted when children bought them (just like Cabbage patch Kids). Pound Pur-r-ries were added to the line, and as they grew in popularity, more and more related merchandise was produced including books, animated videos, puzzles and games. Over the years they have been produced by Irwin, Hornby, Tonka, Galoob, Mary Meyer, Jakks Pacific, Mattel and Flair. Every company re-designed the puppies slightly and brought out different lines, Tonka and Galoob being the most prolific. Just to make things even more confusing, Pound Puppies were also produced for different parts of Europe under various names and by various companies (which were all also differently designed).

  • UK & US: Pound Puppies
  • Canada: Piteux Pitous (as well as Pound Puppies)
  • Germany: Wauzi and Miauzi
  • France: Pitou
  • Brazil & Argentina: Snif Snif

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Pound Puppies Production History

Pound Puppies started production in 1984 by Irwin just for Canada, until around 1987. Hornby also produced a few puppies from 1984 to around 1986 for the UK market, but the main production run was by Tonka from 1985 until 1988. After a few years break Pound Puppies came back with avengeance in 1997, this time produced by Galoob. They expanded the line to include many more different types of plush animals (now smaller in size) and lots of little playsets for miniature figures to play in. They ceased production in 1999. Pound Puppies were briefly produced in 1998 by Mary Meyer and then again in 2001 by Jakks Pacific, both with a small run and slightly different designs. Production was taken over in 2004 by Mattel, with a bigger run of plush puppies, some of which were interactive, and then taken over yet again in 2008 by Flair who added a few more plush puppies and included the Hanna Barbera cartoon on DVD.

Pound Puppies produced by Irwin :: 1984 - 1987

Irwin were the very first company to produce Pound Puppies, specifically for sale in Canada.

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Pound Puppies produced by Hornby :: 1984 - 1986

Hornby produced Pound Puppies and Pur-r-ries for the UK market and used the same designs and logo as the Tonka line.

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Pound Puppies produced by Tonka :: 1985-1988

Tonka is the most well known of the 1980's production run of Pound Puppies. They also introduced Pound Pur-r-ries, Rumpleskins, Newborns and Furries as well as fashion outfits, plastic figures, miniatures, games and many other related merchandise.

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Pound Puppies produced by Galoob :: 1996-1999

Pound Puppies went off the market from 1989 until 1996, when Galoob took over and re-launched the Puppies, this time as miniature plush. They also introduced many other plush animals lines such as Pound Ponies, Pound Jungle and Pound Ocean, but the most prolific addition to the line was the many miniature playsets they produced for little figures to play in.

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Pound Puppies produced by Mary Meyer :: 1998

A small series of plush puppies, finger puppets and ponytail holders were designed by Mary Meyer in 1998. Other than that I know nothing more about this production run.

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Pound Puppies produced by Jakks Pacific :: 2001-2003

Jakks Pacific took over production in 2001 with a small a small run of 9" puppies which barked and wagged their tails when patted on the back. Although they put the word around that they were going to be bringing back the larger 16" sized puppies, I don't believe they produced any more than the "Happy Waggin's Pups" line.

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Pound Puppies produced by Mattel :: 2004-2007

Mattel took over production in 2004 for three years with seven different sets of puppies, three sets with interactive features.

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Pound Puppies produced by Flair :: 2008

Pound Puppies production was taken up again by Flair in 2008 with five more sets of puppies including jumbo sized puppies at 24" long (my favourites)!

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Pound Puppies :: Introduction