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"Lovable, Huggable!"

Pound Puppies were originally produced by Irwin between 1984-1987 , specifically for sale in Canada. The puppies were originally created using one body style with three different ear styles, six body colours and three different eye colours, some with spots and some without. There were also Pound Puppies Yappies, Newborns and At Play too, plus one more I haven't been able to place. Each puppy came with a collar, adoption certificate and packaging which doubled as a kennel. They also had a "PP" emblem sewn on their bottoms or "PPY" for the yappies.

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These puppies were about 14 inches long.

These two puppies are about 10 inches long.

These mummy puppies are about 18-24 inches long and have a velcro pocket in their belly, where little newborn 7" puppies came out of (not pictured). Hornby also preduced these.

Pound Puppy Yappies

This puppy is 14 inches long. Hornby also produced the Pound Puppy Yappies, which have PPY rather than PP embroidered onto their bottoms.


This puppy is dated 1986.

Pocket Pups

These puppies are dated 1987 and were about 4 inched long. The only reference to this set states that they were magnetic.

At Play

This is an Irwin puppy, with both English and French on it's collar. It looks just like the "At Play" puppies produced by Hornby, so can only conclude that Irwin produced these upright puppies too.


This puppy looks very much like the first production run found in France, but definitely has the Canadian name on it's collar.

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I've found one related item, produced for Burger King.

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Pound Puppies :: Irwin 1984