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Pound Puppies were produced by Tonka between 1985-1988. They are the most well known of the 1980's production run of Pound Puppies as they were producing for the US market. They also introduced Pound Pur-r-ries, Rumpleskins, Newborns and Furries as well as fashion outfits, plastic figures, miniatures, games and many other related merchandise.

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Pound Puppies and Newborns Fashion

There were several sets of outfits produced. These three plus the two below were the first to be released, although I'm not sure in what order. Violet's Dress was also sold under the name Dance Dress later on.

Hooded Sweatshirt, Night Shirt and Violet's Dress

The Hooded Sweatshirt was also sold under the name Hooded T-shirt and then later simply T-shirt, while the Slicker was later sold under the name Rain Gear.

Rain Gear, Hooded T-shirt, Night Shirt and Snuggle Jacket

Six more outfits were then added. There are no names on the packaging front so I don't know what they are called.

Outfit 1 Outfit 2 Outfit 3 Outfit 4 Outfit 5 Outfit 6

[no image] [no image] [no image]
Outfit 1 Outfit 2 Outfit 3 Outfit 4 Outfit 5 Outfit 6

Three more outfits were added plus three outfits from the first set of garments (Violet's Dress was re-named "Dance Dress", Nightshirt and T-shirt remained the same or similar).

Party Dress, Nightshirt, Overalls, Jacket, Dance Dress and T-shirt

Party Dress Nightshirt Overalls

[no image] [no image]
Jacket Dance Dress T-shirt

Fun Fashions

There were six Fun Fashions produced.

Bride Dress Basketball Uniform Cheerleader Outfit

[no image] [no image] [no image]
Grooms Outfit Puppy Patrol Uniform Baseball Uniform

Newborns Outfits

There were three outfits produced for the Newborns.

Playsets, Dress and Sleeper

[no image]
Playset Dress Sleeper

Pound Pur-r-ries and Newborns Fashion

There were three outfits produced for the adult cats to wear. Publicity material shows that they originally had different names to what they were actually sold as. The Party Playset was quite different from the publicity photo, which was also used on the packaging.

Denim Jacket
[Tom Cats Jeans Jacket]
Frilly Nightgown
[Cat Nap Night Gown]
Party Playset
[Fat and Sassy Short Set]

[no image]
Denim Jacket Frilly Nightgown Party Playset

Newborns Outfits

There were also three outfits produced for the newborns to wear. Each outfit came with a nappie.

Sundress, Romper and Pajamas

Sundress with Diaper Romper with Diaper Pajamas with Diaper


There were also a few other items made for the Pound Puppies.

Care Set

The care set came with an inflatable puppy bed and various other accessories.

Pup's Pad

"Pup's Pad makes a happy home for your Pound Puppies. Front swings completely open to let pups go in and out. Includes puppy bowl and bone. Measures 16x12x12 inches"

Newborn Puppy Pack

"Pick-up a litter of two soft, lovable newborns. Two ribbons, care sheet and two certification mail-in cards included. Measures 15x10x4 inches. "

Beauty Kit

For Sale

Pound Puppies :: Tonka ~ Fashion