Pound Puppies :: Mary Meyer

"Lovable, Huggable!"

Pound Puppies and Pound Pur-r-ries were produced by Mary Meyer in 1998, and included medium and small plush toys, finger puppets and ponytail holders.

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I've found one Pedigree puppy.

Finger Puppets

I've found two Finger Puppets, one puppy and one kitty.

Finger Puppet Puppy Finger Puppet Pur-r-ries


There were a few Mini puppies produced, which came in little cardboard kennels.

Mini Plush Puppies and Pur-r-ries Mini Plush Puppy

Ponytail Holders

I've found three Ponytail Holders.

For Sale

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Pound Puppies :: Mary Meyer 1998