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"Lovable, Huggable!"

Pound Puppies went off the market from 1989 until 1996, when Galoob took over and re-launched the Puppies, this time as miniature plush. They also introduced many other plush animals lines such as Pound Ponies, Pound Jungle and Pound Ocean, but the most prolific addition to the line was the many miniature playsets they produced for little figures to play in.

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Deluxe Playsets

There were two deluxe playsets produced. Each came with six figures. The Super Pound Play Ground was advertised as a Double Takes playsets.


I don't know if "Mansion" was it's official sales name.

Super Pound Play Ground

"Van opens into a fun playground for micro-sized puppies and kitties. Loaded with lots of secret places to hide and escape from the pet catcher!"

  • Run away from the pound
  • Shoot from the circus cannon
  • Flee from the pet pound truck
  • Hide in the elephant seat
  • Play hide-and-seek in the waterfall
  • Secret rock hideout
  • Hide away under the hay
  • Hide out in the barn
  • Take cover behind the bush
  • Hide in the belfry
  • Go in and out the schoolhouse doors
  • Draw on the easel
  • Ride the see-saw
  • Slide down the hill
  • Soar on the trapeze
  • Have a picnic

Pet Carrier Playsets

There were seven Pet Carrier playsets produced. Each playset came with five figures, pictured where known (the first three in the "flat" style and the last four in the "upright" style).

Pet Paws Stadium


  • Have a ball and get fit!
  • Take a walk on the treadmill!
  • Bet you can’t “weight” to lift the barbell!
  • Pedal your pets on the exercise bike!
  • Hide in the pet carrier!
  • Leap into action on the high jump!
  • Sneak under the sink to the other side!
  • How high can your pets fly?
  • Open the gate and ski down the mountain!
  • You'll go far on the long jump!
  • Congratulations! You've won first prize!

Pretty Paws Pet Show


  • Hide in the basket!
  • Make your pets pretty at the grooming table!
  • Relax with a bath before the big show!
  • See your pretty pets in the mirror!
  • Let’s play on the see-saw!
  • Which of your pets will win first prize?
  • Turn the trophy platform round and round!
  • Crawl under the judges’ stand to get to the other side!

Pet Paradise

"Puppies and kitties go from a BACKYARD ALLEY to a  PET PLAYGROUND!"

  • Pop the hood and hop inside!
  • Raise the car with the jack!
  • Crash in the trash can!
  • Get a lift on the elevator!
  • Crawl under the porch to the other side!
  • Make a big splash in the pool!
  • Have a swingin’ time in the gazebo!
  • Glide down the slide!
  • Hide under the poolside chair!


I don't know if "Space" was it's official sales name.

Happy Honeymoon Hideaway

Amusement Park Fun

Circus O' Fun

This playset included Pound Jungle figures. The lion was also included in the "School" Hideway playset and the monkey and elephant in the "Jungle Park" Hideaway playset.

Hideaway Playsets

There were eight, maybe nine, Hideaway playsets produced. They were also produced with two different styles of handles; a solid handle with the "hole" filled in so it couldn't actually be used as a handle, and also with a proper handle which folded down too (the "filled" handles were sold in the USA and the "open" handles in the UK). Other than the differences in the handles the playsets themselves were exactly the same. Each playset came with three figures, pictured where known. The releases came with "flat" style figures and as the line was expanded the new sets came with the "upright" style figures.

Kibble Korner Hideaway

"Puppies and kitties flee from a KIBBLE KITCHEN to a DELIGHTFUL DINER!"

  • Lift the snack bag to escape!
  • Move the food dish to run away!
  • Crawl outside through the hydrant!
  • Lift the jukebox door to come inside!
  • Get down on the dance floor!
  • Hide under the pie!
  • Take a seat at the booth!

Camp Hide-and-Seek

"Puppies and kitties escape from a JUNKYARD to a PICNIC PARADISE!"

  • Escape through the trash can!
  • Escape through the cave!
  • Swing in the hammock!
  • Crawl under the rock!
  • Party in the pup tent!
  • Glide down the slide!
  • Sail around the lake!
  • Ride on the swing!
  • Have a picnic!

Happy Home Hideout

"Puppies and kitties run away from their DINGY DOGHOUSE to a PRETTY PLAYHOUSE!"

  • Hide under the newspaper!
  • Hide out in the pet carrier!
  • Flip up door to escape!
  • Flee through the flower planter!
  • Play on the see-saw!
  • Twirl on the merry-go-round!
  • Curl up under the bed!
  • Disappear in the dresser drawer!
  • Crawl up through the couch!

Hide-and-Seek Safari

Hollywood Movie Studio

I don't know if "Hollywood Movie Studio" was it's official sales name.

Mall with Ice Cream Shop

I don't know if "Mall with Ice Cream Shop" was it's official sales name.

Beachside Hideaway Set

The Beach, School, Jungle Park playsets all featured the "upright" style figures.


I don't know if "School" was it's official sales name. This playset included Pound Jungle figures, the lion was also included in the Circus O' Fun Pet Carrier playset.

Jungle Park

This playset included three Pound Jungle figures, the elephant and monkey were also included in the Circus O' Fun Pet Carrier playset.

Fashion Runway

There may also have been a Fashion Runway playset.

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