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"You play with me... We watch TV... and then at night you hug me tight and all is right!"

Pillow People were produced by Spring Industries and PCE Marketing in 1986-88. They were a fairly large series of large pillow shaped fabric characters with fabric arms and satin legs, and bold printed features. They were sold in the home furnishing department rather than toy isle.  In 1996 Kidsview re-issues six characters, in 2002 Best Brands re-issued at least three characters, and in 2009 InVision bought the rights but nothing seems to have come of beyond a now defunct website.

Images on this page thanks to Bonanza seller brieanna-s, and eBay seller raregold!

Sports Pillow People

These are sports themed and have very long legs! They have bum logos, so were later releases in 1987, and measure around 32 inches. I don't know the official name for this set, or the characters names. The baseball character and tennis character's designs were used in 2012 for small plush line called "Pillow Pros", but had no other association with Pillow People.

Baseball Player Basketball Player

Football Player (American) Tennis Player

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Pillow People :: Sports