She-Ra :: Dolls [1987]

"The most exciting and powerful woman in the universe!"

She-Ra: Princess of Power toys were produced by Mattel from 1984-87. Each doll was 5-1/2 inches tall with brushable hair and came with various clothing and accessories. There were also winged horses which the dolls could ride along with several other animals, playsets, fashions and many other accessories for little girls to use plus an animated cartoon series. The line was discontinued in 1987.

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Dolls [1987]

There were five characters produced in 1987. She-ra and Catra were re-released along with two new goodies and a troll figure.

Bubble Power She-Ra Shower Power Catra Netossa Spinnerella Loo-Kee

Bubble Power She-Ra

  • Pink/Gold Armour
  • Gold Cape
  • Head Crown
  • Gold Shield
  • Gold Sword with Star Sicker
  • Bubble Blower
  • Bubble Liquid
  • Gold Comb
  • Mini-comic 'Don't Rain on my Parade'

Shower Power Catra

"Shoots Streams of water!"

  • Silver Cape
  • Black Skirt
  • Silver Cat Mask
  • Silver Cat Shield
  • Pink Cat Sword
  • Shower Squirter
  • Silver Comb
  • Mini-comic 'Don't Rain on my Parade'


"Captivating beauty! Her cape becomes a captivating net!"

  • Blue/Silver Dress
  • Blue Helmet
  • Blue Net Cape
  • White Shield
  • White Comb
  • Mini-comic 'Where Hope Has Gone'


"Dizzying beauty! Her pink backpack that turned into a spinning scooter which  spans her around when you moved it along."

  • Blue/Purple Streamer Skirt
  • Blue/Purple Streamer Cuffs
  • Silver Crown
  • Pink Shield
  • Pink Backpack/Spinning Scooter
  • Pink Comb
  • Mini-comic 'Where Hope Has Gone'


"Hides and "sees" all things in Etheria! He had wheels on his feet which when pulled back would propel him to move forward and make his eyes to look around."

  • Blue Comb & Brush
  • Mini-comic ''Where Hope Has Gone'

Accessories, Shields & Swords

Bubble Power She-Ra
Bubble Blower & Bubble Liquid
Shower Power Catra
Shower Squirter
Spinning Scooter

Gold Shield
Silver Shield
White Shield
Bright Pink Shield

Gold Shield
Pink Sword

For Sale

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She-Ra Princess of Power :: Dolls [1987]