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"Welcome to the world of Strawberry Shortcake!"

Strawberry Shortcake was produced by Kenner in 1979-1985. and was a series of scented dolls with pets which wore a hat, dress, and stripy socks. There were 21 characters in total, and the line became so popular that it led to the production of hundreds of other products, including video games, sticker albums, clothes, movies and much more. Strawberry Shortcake was re-issued in 1991, again in 2002 and are still going strong today.

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There was a lot of related merchandise produced, of which this is a very small selection!

Colouring Books

"Each Strawberry Shortcake Colouring Book has 64 pages filled with wonderful scenes of Strawberry Shortcake and all her friends. Two different books for girls and boys."

Dip Dots Paint Set

"Now kids can add some colour to the wonderful world of Strawberry Shortcake. It comes with 8 no-mix instant water colour (all strawberry scented) in a non spill tray. Also included a brush and a 16 page paint book."

Betty Crocker Bake Set / Party Cake Set

"This bake set comes complete with all the things you need to make 3 great cakes. Also included is a very special 16" x 16" Strawberry Shortcake picnic cloth. These cakes cane be baked in all Kenner Easy Bake and Mini Wave Ovens or Moms Oven."


"A Strawberry Shortcake World on a Strawberry Scented Playmat. Play-Doh goes strawberry - now, kids can can mold the loveable Strawberry Shortcake characters. Set includes 10" x 14" strawberry scented playmat and a Lady Bug vehicle, 2 hinged molds, three 6-ounce cans of Play-Doh modeling compound and trimmer."


"For a "berry" fun time in the tub. Just put 3 oz bar of soap inside Pupcake or Custard and soft foam wheels make lots of suds as they roll along."



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Strawberry Shortcake :: Accessories