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"Welcome to the world of Strawberry Shortcake!"

Strawberry Shortcake was produced by Kenner in 1979-1985. and was a series of scented dolls with pets which wore a hat, dress, and stripy socks. There were 21 characters in total, and the line became so popular that it led to the production of hundreds of other products, including video games, sticker albums, clothes, movies and much more. Strawberry Shortcake was re-issued in 1991, again in 2002 and are still going strong today.

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There were lots of books published.

Mecedes Llimonna Books

Strawberry Shortcake
and her Friends
Strawberry Shortcake's
Favourite Mother Goose
Strawberry Shortcake
and the Winter That
Would Not End
The Seasons with
Strawberry Shortcake

Parker Brother Books

[no image]
The Baby Without a Name The Big Balloon Race The Birthday Surprise The Crazy Baking Contest
[no image]
The Deep Dark Woods Pets on Parade Sad Mr Sun

Parker Brother Books
Baby Strawberry Shortcake

[no image] [no image]
A Surprise for
Blueberry Muffin
Choo Choo
Fig Boot's Happy Day

Young Readers Books

Activity Books



Unfortunately I don't know how many of this series were. These story LP's came with a book.

Various story LP's, some of which came with a book.

Various music LP's.

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Strawberry Shortcake :: Books