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"Scented'll love to wear around!"

Charmkins were produced in 1983-84 by Hasbro. They were tiny figures or animals, about an inch high and each came with a piece of jewellery, such as a hair comb, necklace or clip. There was also several playsets, various accessories, books and animated videos.

Charmkins were sold in the US, UK and other parts of Europe under varying names:
  • UK, & US: Charmkins
  • Italy: Pimpi Rosa
  • Holland: Dufti's

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Jewellery, Grooming and Fashion Accessories

Collectors Jewellery 1 Collectors Jewellery 2 Watch Dresser Set

Handbag Pocket Mirror Wallet

Games, Activity and Stationary Items

There were several different games, activity and stationary items produced.

Ink Stamps

Six different plastic top ink stamps were produced:

  • Blossom
  • Brown-Eyed Susan
  • Li'l Tulip
  • Lady Slipper
  • Poison Ivy
  • Willie Winkle

There were also ink stamps with the Charmkins characters on top. I don't know how many of these were produced, or if they had different images from the plastic topped ones.

Brown-Eyed Susan Poison Ivy Brown-Eyed Susan Li'l Tulip

Ink Stamp Poison Ivy and Brown-Eyed Susan Ink Stamp Images

Activity Items 

Paper Doll Kite Board Game




I've found one double-sided poster.

Kitchen Items

Tea Service Napkins Table Cloths

For Sale

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Charmkins :: Accessories