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"Scented'll love to wear around!"

Charmkins were produced in 1983-84 by Hasbro. They were tiny figures or animals, about an inch high and each came with a piece of jewellery, such as a hair comb, necklace or clip. There was also several playsets, various accessories, books and animated videos.

Charmkins were sold in the US, UK and other parts of Europe under varying names:
  • UK, & US: Charmkins
  • Italy: Pimpi Rosa
  • Holland: Dufti's

Images on this thanks to Brown Eyed Rose!

Pocket Pops

There were three Pocket Pops playsets produced and each came with a new Charmkins character.

Secret Lollipop Patch

This set came with Freckle Face.

Enchanted Apple Orchard

This set came with MacIntosh Bear.

Magic Garden

This set came with Primrose Fairy.

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Charmkins :: Pocket Pops