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"Scented'll love to wear around!"

Charmkins were produced in 1983-84 by Hasbro. They were tiny figures or animals, about an inch high and each came with a piece of jewellery, such as a hair comb, necklace or clip. There was also several playsets, various accessories, books and animated videos.

Charmkins were sold in the US, UK and other parts of Europe under varying names:
  • UK, & US: Charmkins
  • Italy: Pimpi Rosa
  • Holland: Dufti's

Stories thanks to - charmkins, Leontine, Heather and Dee!

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Stories :: Jewellery Playmates [1st Release]


Blossom gave her children a nature lesson every day.
"Brown-Eyed Susan," she said, "When the Morning Glories open, you'll know when you may go out and play."
"Willie Winkle," she said, "Watch the trees. When the wind blows up the white undersides, rain is coming."
And to Li'l Tulip, she said, "Don't get friendly with Poison Ivy. She is very red and shiny and beautiful, but she won't be nice to you."
Then Blossom said, "I will call you home at 4 o'clock by blowing on the Trumpet Vine."
But Blossom got so busy cheering up the Weeping Willow tree that she forgot to blow the Trumpet Vine! Just as she realized her mistake, the children came through the garden gate.
"We just watched the Four O'Clocks," said Willie Winkle, "When they opened up, we knew it was time to come home."
"What smart children I have," said Blossom happily, and for the first time that day, even the Weeping Willow smiled!

Brown-Eyed Susan

Brown-Eyed Susan yawned, having napped after flower picking. "I must have dozed off," she said out loud.
"Dozed off," said a voice over her head. Susan looked up, and there in the tree she saw a beautiful bird.
"Who are you?" she asked politely.
"Who are you?" repeated the bird.
"Why, I'm your friend," said Susan, proud and happy.
"I'm your friend," said the bird, and Brown-Eyed Susan was sure he was telling the truth.
"Oh, I must go home now, Mother is expecting me," she said.
"Mother is expecting me," said the bird. Susan was surprised and delighted to be going home with this fine feathered friend.
The rest of the family loved the bird as much as Susan did and they invited him to stay. They named him Crocus, after the brightest flowers in the garden, and they have all been together from that day to this.


He was filling a large shell with water, because today his puppy was to have a bath. "Here, Buttercup!" he called. "Why doesn't he come?"
Buttercup was hiding under the porch...he didn't really want a bath. He dashed off as fast as he could down the garden path. Buttercup flew off the path right into a big bunch of Bluebells that trembled with surprise and dripped their bell-fulls of morning dew right on Buttercup!
When Perriwinkle found Buttercup, he was dripping wet and very clean. "Only a very good dog takes a bath all by himself," said Perriwinkle. "Just for that, you get two bones instead of one!"
Buttercup happily took one bone. He buried the second one, because he wasn't quite sure he deserved it.

Li'l Tulip

It was spring, and Li'l Tulip was to go on her first mushroom hunt with Willie Winkle and Brown-Eyed Susan. The day was very warm and because Li'l Tulip was so small, she begged to sit down and rest. No sooner had Willie Winkle found a soft bower of flowers than Li'l Tulip was sound asleep!
"What a perfect place to leave her for a nap," said Brown-Eyed Susan. "Come on, Willie Winkle, let's go on to the mushroom beds by ourselves."
Off they went, and Li'l Tulip dreamed of a happy day in the woods with her brother and sister, but when she woke up and found herself alone, she cried so loud that Willie Winkle and Brown-Eyed Susan ran right up to comfort her. "What's wrong?" asked Willie Winkle as he wiped Li'l Tulip's tears. "I thought you went away and forgot me," said Li'l Tulip. "How could we do that?" asked Brown-Eyed Susan. "These flowers we found for your bed are called Forget-Me-Nots, so there was no way we could forget you!"
Li'l Tulip was so pleased she took home armfuls of Forget-Me-Nots, so she would never forget her first mushroom hunt.

Pop Corn

Every midsummer's eve, Pop Corn's family gave a party for all the plants and flowers and wild creatures. Everyone shook hands very politely when the exclusive Lady Aster arrived, and they blushed with delight when Queen Rose herself arrived. Suddenly, there was a great commotion at the gate. "You aren't welcome here," said Pop Corn to an impish looking lady dressed in pretty green and red shiny leaves.
"Well, come and give me a hug," said the mysterious guest turning to Perriwinkle, "and I'll be on my way." Perriwinkle felt very sorry for her and ran right up to her.
"Stop!" cried Pop Corn. "That's Poison Ivy, the itchy witch of the woodlands! If you touch her, you'll remember her unkindly for a long time to come."
As Poison Ivy left, Pop Corn said to his children, "Remember never to get too close to anything you don't know, no matter how pretty it may be." And the children enjoyed the party even more, knowing that they were safe with their friends and family.

Poppy & Crocus

One hot summer day, Poppy the cat just couldn't find anyone to play with. She asked the ants, but they wanted to work, and the bees were too busy. Finally, she found Froggy near the pond.
"Let's play," said Froggy. "I'll go first." And he leaped over Poppy's head.
"Me next," said Poppy, leaping neatly over Froggy. "This is fun!" she said as she landed with a loud SPLASH right in the pond! "Help, help!" she cried, and because she was a very lucky cat, her friend Crocus the parrot heard her from a nearby treetop. He swooped down and scooped her out of the water with his beak.
"Now I know better than to play leapfrog with a Frog," said Poppy, and she went off to challenge the snails to a race.

Willie Winkle

Willie Winkle and his dog, Buttercup, went for a walk in the woods, and walked a little farther than they should have. They were on Thistle Down, a wild and dangerous place.
"Oh, dear, we're in big trouble," said Willie Winkle, just as Buttercup let out a yelp. A wild Snap-Dragon was nipping at Buttercup's tail!
Willie Winkle was about to cry when a loud roar came from behind a rock, and a great furry yellow face appeared. It was Dragonweed, the King of the Weeds.
"Let go, you Snap-Dragons," roared Dragonweed. "You know I am the strongest weed, and that I have many more Dragonweeds to call upon for help than you have Snap-Dragons." The Snap-Dragons let go!
Willie Winkle and Buttercup raced home remembering Dragonweed's warning: "Don't get too close to anything you don't know." And they never did, until the next time!

Stories :: Jewellery Playmates [2nd Release]

Busy Lizzie Beaver

It was the day of the big canoe race. Busy Lizzie Beaver stood on the riverbank watching the Charmkins set off downstream. Mollyberry took the lead, but soon Lilybelle passed her. Busy Lizzie slapped her tail on the ground in great glee.
Then a strange thing happened. All the canoes swept right past the finish line and continued downstream. Busy Lizzie knew that the tricky current had flooded the Charmkins and that her friends were heading towards the waterfall!
She ran down the riverbank. Just before the falls, she gnawed down the tallest tree on the riverbank. It fell across the river just in time to stop the canoes from going over! "Three cheers for Busy Lizzie Beaver," cried the Charmkins. "She wins the first prize for this race!"


All the Charmkins were getting ready for the Pet Show. Sweet Beth brushed her pony Pixie, and Willie Winkle gave his dog Buttercup a bath every day. Hyacinthia had no pet, yet she wanted to win the lovely pink ribbon for "Most Beautiful Pet"
Hyacinthia told her dream to her friend the caterpillar, a long furry fellow with lots of legs. "I'll be your pet", said the caterpillar. So Hyacinthia took him home with her, although she knew he'd never win the pink ribbon.
The caterpillar spent the week in his tiny house. On the day of the show, Hyacinthia carried him, house and all, to the pet show. When he came out of his house for judging, Hyacinthia was amazed. Her friend the caterpillar had become the most beautiful butterfly she had ever seen!
Hyacinthia won the pink ribbon, but next to her wonderful butterfly it didn't seem quite as lovely as she had remembered. "My pet is the real prize!" she said.


"No games 'til you've finished your chores," called Mollyberry's mother as she set off one morning. And it was just then that Willie Winkle and Sweet Beth ran up the path, ready to play!
"I can't play now," said Mollyberry sadly. But as her friends turned to go, Mollyberry had an idea. "Wait -- Let's play hide and seek!" she cried. "You're it, Willie Winkle!"
Willie Winkle found Sweet Beth right away. But search as he might, he couldn't find Mollyberry anywhere. "I give up," he called finally. "Where are you, Mollyberry?"
"Here!" Mollyberry said as she popped out of the boysenberry patch with a full bucket of berries. "I blending in so well that you passed right by me twice. And I even finished my chore!"
Everyone agreed that Mollyberry had found a very good hiding place!

Morning Glory

Morning Glory's family awoke with the sun each day -- except for Morning Glory herself, who always slept late.
"This is very strange," said her mother. "Unheard of!" said her father. "Everyone in the family gets up with the sun. What's wrong with her?"
Right next door lived Sage, a very wise old herb. He knew exactly what to do. "The placement of the flower beds is the most important thing," he said. "Your beds are all lined up so that the sun falls right on you at sunrise. But this wild grapevine has grown up and left Morning Glory's bed in the shade."
The Sage asked the grapevine, very politely, if it would crawl off in another direction, and the grapevine was happy to help. And the next day, when the sunshine fell on her bed, Morning Glory was up with the rest of her family, just in time for a delicious breakfast of morning dew!

My Pixie Pony

It was a very hot day and Sweet Beth was in a hurry to get to the swimming pond. She knew that if she took the regular path she would have to watch carefully for Poison Ivy, so she tried a little path she had never taken. But before she knew it, she found herself face to face with nettles! They waved their prickly arms at her and tried to sting her legs. Every way she turned, she could see nothing but more and more nettles!
Sweet Beth was about to cry when she felt something warm nuzzling her elbow. She turned around to see a beautiful little pony. "Nettles are nothing to cry about," said Pixie the pony. "They happen to be my favourite thing!" Then Pixie started eating, and ate a path through the nettles all the way to the swimming pond.
"I don't have to be afraid of nettles any more, as long as I'm with my pony Pixie!" said Sweet Beth as she jumped into the pond.

Petal Pink Puppy

Petal Pink was just a puppy when he first came to live with Li'l Tulip's family. Everyone hoped that Buttercup would befriend Petal Pink, but Buttercup felt he had better things to do.
Poppy decided to help out. "I can teach Petal Pink more than Buttercup would have anyway," said Poppy. And she took Petal Pink into the woods.
"These wonderfully soft, furry plants are Pussy Willows," Poppy told Petal Pink. "And this delicious plant is Catnip. You see, Petal Pink, everything truly wonderful here is named after me, because cats are the most wonderful of all creatures."
Buttercup had overheard all this and decided it was time for him to take over Petal Pink's lessons. "See this tree covered with blossoms, Petal Pink?" he asked. "It's the most beautiful tree in the woods and it's called a Dogwood tree!" And as Poppy ran off to look for a Catwood tree, Buttercup and Petal Pink sat happily under the Dogwood tree like two old friends.

Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy was not known as the Itchy Witch of the Woodlands for nothing, because anyone who touched her poisoned leaves got a terrible itch that lasted for weeks. The Charmkins learned very early to watch out for her, but she was always finding new ways to pop up unexpectedly. This summer, there was not one case of poison ivy, and the Itchy Witch felt like a failure. But she had a plan. She'd disguise herself as a harmless weed for the Great Garden Festival. Then she could dance with everyone and do a lot of mischief at the same time!
Poison Ivy's plan worked, for nobody recognized the charming green stranger. But just as they were all about to join hands for a circle dance, the North Wind blew a gust of cold autumn air and turned Poison Ivy into her true Fall colour, a bright, shiny red! Pop-Corn chased her from the party, and the guests all gave thanks to the North Wind for saving them in the nick of time.

Rosie Raccoon

Rosie Raccoon had a wonderful cozy home in an old hollow tree stump in the clearing. One day when she was away, a swarm of honeybees flew into the clearing looking for a new place to build their hive. They liked Rosie's tree stump the best and, since there was nobody there, the bees moved right in.
"Oh, dear," said Rosie when she returned. "I like honey, but I don't think I can share my home with a hive of honeybees. What can I do?" Brown-Eyed Susan and Violet knew what to do! They quickly gathered armfuls of the sweetest-smelling flowers they could find and filled up a nearby hollow tree stump with them. As soon as the bees smelled this, they moved their new hive out of Rosie's home and right into the other tree stump. They made a batch of honey to celebrate, and of course Rosie and her friends were invited to share it. They all declared that honeybees make the very best neighbours!

Sweet Beth

The Charmkins were having a party. Everyone was invited, and each guest was to bring something different to eat.
Sweet Beth wanted to bring a special dessert, for that was her favourite part of the meal. So she set off to pick berries, but she found that Mollyberry had gotten to the berry patch first. Then she decided to bring honeysuckle nectar, but Willie Winkle had reached the vines just before her. "What can I bring?" Sweet Beth asked her mother.
"Why, the maple trees right in our own backyard might be the answer," said Sweet Beth's mother. They collected some sap from the maple trees, and cooked it all day in just the right way. The next day, Sweet Beth took to the party the first maple sugar candy that the Charmkins had every tasted. Everyone loved it, and Sweet Beth was crowned as the "sweetest" guest at the party.

Violet The Skunk

Brown-Eyed Susan and Li'l Tulip were walking through the woods when they came upon a lonely little skunk sitting by the path. "My name is Violet," said the skunk. "May I walk with you?"
"Oh dear, I don't think so," said Brown-Eyed Susan. She had learned that skunks could make the whole forest smell very unpleasant. "But I'll be very good," said Violet, so the two sisters said she could come along.
Suddenly, a dreadful smell came through the air. Susan grabbed Li'l Tulip's hand and started to run. "Wait!" called Violet. "That's not me!" Then Susan realized that Violet was telling the truth, because she found herself standing in the middle of a big skunk cabbage patch! "We're so sorry, Violet," said Li'l Tulip. "Please be our friend again?"
And Violet was, from that day to this.

Stories :: Twosome Jewellery Playmates [1st Release]

Baby Sunshine

Baby Sunshine was a very good little baby but she did cry often, and nobody knew why. Her mother, Blossom, sang to her and her father, Pop-Corn, brought her flowers, but still she cried. She cried so much that little green plants called Baby's Tears grew all around the garden!
Blossom finally asked Chysanthe-Mum, the wisest flower in the garden, what she should do. Chrysanthe-Mum held Baby Sunshine for a moment and said, "Baby Sunshine needs to sleep on a soft cloud of milkweed with a canopy of rose petals over her head. And she wants nectar from the sweet Honeysuckle vine."
Baby Sunshine was placed in her new bed and given some sweet Honeysuckle. This made her very happy. She smiled and laughed, which in turn made Sunflowers grow in the garden instead of Baby's Tears!

Bunny Bunch

Brown-Eyed Susan was in the garden one day when she heard a sniffle. She looked under a bunch of flowers, and there sat a baby bunny with big tears on each side of its soft, pink nose.
"What's wrong, little Bunny Bunch?" asked Brown-Eyed Susan. The bunny held up a limp paw, which had a prickly thorn stuck in it.
Oh, dear," exclaimed Brown-Eyed Susan, "I must get you the Petal Pusher that I rode in before I learned to walk," And quick as a wink, she fetched it, and wheeled the sad little bunny home. Then she took the thorn out so quickly that it hardly hurt at all!
Bunny Bunch rested in the Petal Pusher until he was all better and could hop again. But Brown-Eyed Susan still takes him for rides in the Petal Pusher, because it's so much fun!

Johnny Jump-Up

Johnny Jump-up is cousin to Brown-Eye Susan and Willie Winkle. He would ride his rocking house, Lazy Daisy, out to the wild west and come back to tell his cousins all about the secret hide-outs an cowboys there. This made Susan and Willie Winkle want to go on exciting adventures too, so they would ride lazy Daisy but would never get beyond the rose bushes in the garden.
Johnny's birthday was coming soon, and Brown-Eyed Susan and Willie Winkle had a big birthday surprise in store for him! They worked in the backyard for a few days getting it ready.
Then it was Johnny's birthday. The two cousins took Johnny out to the backyard, and there, in front of him, was the best wild west cowboy garden Johnny had ever seen! The three children spent the whole day riding Lazy Daisy
in this wild west wonderland.

Stories :: Twosome Jewellery Playmates [2nd Release]

Bouncing Bet

Bouncing Bet and Half-an-Inchworm met when they were babies. They went everywhere together so when the annual inchworm derby came around, Bouncing Bet and Half-an-Inchworm wanted to enter.
"This race is for whole inchworms, not half ones," laughed Johnny Jump-Up. "You don't have a chance!"
"Do, too!" said Half-an-Inchworm as she bounced to the starting line with Bet on her back. When the inchworms were off and crawling, Bouncing Bet was left far behind. "Don't worry," she said, "we'll show them!"
Bouncing Bet and Half-an-Inchworm passed several racers napping under a tree. Then they passed an inchworm cooling himself in a puddle. "They're so sure they'll win, they aren't even trying," laughed Bouncing Bet as she and Half-an-Inchworm crossed the finish line ahead of everyone else. Half-an-Inchworm was so proud, she felt almost an inch tall!

Lily Belle

Lilybelle loves to swing more than anything in the world, but she also likes to play catch. One day, Johnny Jump-Up and Mollyberry came along and started a game of catch right in her backyard.
"May I play, too?" asked Lilybelle.
"No, you're too little," said Mollyberry, throwing the ball high over her head.
"Please let me play," pleased Lilybelle.
"No," say Johnny, throwing the ball even higher than Mollyberry had. But this time it didn't come down! He peered up into the trees and couldn't see the ball.
Lilybelle started to swing, rising higher and higher until she could see into the treetops. "I see it!" she cried, and gave the highest branch a little kick. The ball dropped right into Mollyberry's hands.
"Yay for Lilybelle and her swing!" cheered Johnny and Mollyberry. Now when they play catch, Lilybelle always gets the first toss.


Twinkle lived on Starflower Island in the middle of the great lily pond. She loved her beautiful home, but she often wished to see what lay across the water. "Will I ever get there?" she asked her mother.
"The wind could take you there, Twinkle," said her mother. But the wind is a funny fellow. You can't count on him to bring you home again."
One day, a beautiful swan named Snowflower glided by. "Would you like to cross the water on my back?" she asked Twinkle. "I must return by sunset, so have no fear."
Twinkle and Snowflower crossed the pond together and landed on the shore right where Blossom and Pop-Corn were having a picnic. Twinkle played and ate, and Snowflower gave all the Charmkins rides.
Soon it was time to go, but Snowflower promised to make the trip often so that all the Charmkins could visit each other.

Stories :: Other Jewellery Playmates

Sweet Bea

Honey Bee lived in a very busy hive where each bee was to bring home one load of nectar every day. Honey Bee didn't like to work hard. She longed to play with the flower children, but every time she buzzed up to join their fun, they ran away!
One day, Honey Bee saw a little flower girl crying by the rose bushes. "My name is Honey Bee, what's yours?" she asked. The girl tried to run, but she had stubbed her toe on a rock and couldn't even walk.
"My name is Bea, too," she sniffed. "Sweet Bea. I can't get home because I stubbed my toe, and it's getting dark."
"Hop on, I'll fly you home," said Honey Bee. Now, Sweet Bea lives right in the middle of the Bee Palm patch, which makes the best honey in the world, and Sweet Bea's mother gave Honey Bee a big batch of nectar for being so kind to her daughter. "I think this friendship is just meant to be," she said. Both Honey Bee and Sweet Bea agreed!

Hunny Bunch & Sunny Bunch

The Bunch Babies were twins and there were called Honey and Sunny Bunch because they were the sweetest and happiest babies ever born in Charm World. Nobody could tell them apart, so from the very beginning they were just called the Bunch Babies.
One Day, a strange thing happened; the Bunch Babies weren't happy any more!
"Who am I?" one of the twins asked.
"Why, you're one of the Bunch Babies," said Blossom
"Which one?" asked the unhappy little Charmkin.
All at once, the Charmkins realized that they had never, ever called the girls by their proper names! Honey was really very shy and quiet, while Sunny was very bright and bouncy, but nobody had ever really tried to see the difference. From that day on, Sunny Bunch and Honey Bunch were always called just that, and Charm World became rosy once again.

Lady Slipper

Lady Slipper grew up on the river bank, and from the beginning everyone knew she was special. She waved gracefully like the other flowers when the wind blew, but Lady Slipper wanted to dance!
Lady Slipper went to Jack-in-the-Pulpit, who was always kind and helpful. "Watch the winds and the waters," he said. "They will show you how to dance."
So Lady Slipper watched, and one day she saw the wind take a leaf and whirl it in the air. Then she saw a petal drift into a whirlpool in the river, and twirl around and around in the water. So Lady Slipper tried to whirl and twirl, and soon she was whirling like a leaf in the wind, and twirling like a petal in the water. She was dancing!
All the flowers saw her and thought her dance was so beautiful that, from then on, they have called her the ballerina of the river bank.

Playset Stories

Secret Lollipop Patch Pocket Pop

While Lady Slipper danced on the pond, Freckle Face looked down at her reflection in the water and wrinkled up her little freckled nose. "Oh, I want so much to be special, like Lady Slipper, but I'm just plain old Freckle Face," she said sadly. A big tear ran down her little cheek.
"I heard that," said a soft voice behind her. There stood the Primrose Fairy. "Don't think you aren't special just because you aren't someone else. You're special because you're different from everyone else!"
"But what's so special about me?" asked Freckle Face.
"Well for one thing, you have more freckles than anyone else," she explained. "I want to give you a touch of magic to remind you how special you are. Every time you feel sad, you'll find yourself in a secret Lollipop Patch!"
The Lollipop Patch magic worked for Freckle Face. And now whenever she meets someone with unkind thought about themselves, her freckles light up and she passes on the magic. The Charmkins think that is very special indeed!

Enchanted Apple Orchard Pocket Pop

MacIntosh Bear and Rosie Raccoon roamed the woodlands together spring, summer, and fall. But when the first snowflakes fell, MacIntosh took off for the hills to hibernate. "Bears sleep all winter," explained MacIntosh. "Apples are the only food I like and the orchard is bare all winter."
Rosie was upset because she misses her friend when he's hibernating. She pleaded with the Primrose Fairy to help her. So the Primrose Fairy gave Rosie a bag of special apple seeds, saying, "Plant one seed in front of your friend's winter home, and he'll be back with you quicker than you can say applesauce!"
So Rosie planted a magic seed by the door of MacIntosh's cave. Very shortly the most lovely little orchard popped up. Sure enough, there was MacIntosh, munching away and forgetting all about how bears sleep through the winter. And even though Rosie Raccoon only planted a magic seed once a week, MacIntosh was one fat but sleepy little bear that winter.

Magic Garden Pocket Pops

Primrose Fairy was very special. With just a drop of water from her magic watering can, she could make beautiful gardens pop up everywhere.
"I want that can," whispered Poison Ivy to herself. "Then I could get rid of all of the beautiful flowers and rule the woodlands."
Pop-Corn overheard Poison Ivy and so he set out to warn the Primrose Fairy. Finally he found her tied with a vine to an old tree stump. And Poison Ivy was not far away. In her haste to steal the magic can, she had spilled some of the water. But instead of flowers, a huge garden filled with thorny plants had popped up and trapped Poison Ivy.
Pop-Corn released the Primrose Fairy so she could recover her watering can. After celebrating her rescue, the Primrose Fairy made the best garden ever and everyone especially enjoyed it because there was no Poison Ivy.

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