Enchanted Kingdom :: Bride Collection

"To love, cherish and collect!"

Enchanted Kingdom were produced by Marchon from 1984-1991, and re-issued by Empire in 1995. They were a series of fancy plastic 5 inch high horses with various outfits and accessories, as well as a few dolls.

Images on this page thanks to Pabl, Wystearya, and eBay seller iowa-dirtman!

Bride Collection

"Here comes the Bride! And look how beautiful she is! All Enchanted Kingdom Bride Horses will entertain little girls for hours as they dream of being brides themselves. These elegant Bride Horses feature soft and delicate bridal costumes, and long flowing tails and manes that little girls can brush and style as they like.  Each horse comes complete with its own wedding invitation and something old new, borrowed, and blue - a child sized ring, necklace, bracelet and barrette. Drift off into a lush and lavish wedding Enchanted Bride Horses."

There were six Bride horses produced. Each set came with a brush, wedding invitation, and child-sized ring, necklace, bracelete and hair-clip.

I've only found one loose image so far, but have images of all horses in their packaging below.

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Country Bride Floral Bride Jewel Bride

[no image] [no image] [no image]
June Bride Silver Bride Snow Bride


Country Bride Floral Bride

Jewel Bride June Bride

Silver Bride Snow Bride


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Enchanted Kingdom:: Bride Collection