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Enchanted Kingdom were produced by Marchon from 1984-1991, and re-issued by Empire in 1995. They were a series of fancy plastic 5 inch high horses with various outfits and accessories, as well as a few dolls.

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Sparkle & Speak

"Press my saddle and you'll see my crown sparkle, and hear me whinny and gallop!”

There were three Sparkle & Speak horses produced in 1991, which was the last set to be introduced. The horses didn't have individual names on their packaging, but as the Marchon catalogue did name them that is what I have gone for here.

They were created in exactly the same way as all other horses, so once the battery has worn out there was no way to change it (bar prizing open the body).

Sparkle was almost identical to the pink version of Rose Princess, differing only in her crown.

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Dazzle Radiance Sparkle


As this was the last set to be introduced, they had a yellow scroll underneath the logo and dated 1991.

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Dazzle Radiance Sparkle


"There‘s a new addition to the Enchanted Kingdom - Sparkle ‘N’ Speak Enchanted Horses! Watch these magical horses sparkle and speak as they play in the fresh air! Sparkle ‘N’ Speak Enchanted Horses feature realistic whinny and galloping sounds and a headpiece that lights up with “radiance” when you press the horse's saddle! Sparkle ‘N’ Speak Enchanted Horses also come with mix ‘n match costumes, and a brush to keep their beautiful, long ?owing manes and tails soft and shiny."

This is from the 1991 Marchon catalogue. The ponies were show with cloaks, rather than the fabric saddles they were sold with.

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