Fabulous Felines

"Cuddle 'em, squeeze 'em, don't over tease 'em. Fabulous Felines, they're the Cats meow."

Fabulous Felines were produced by Phoenix Toys in 1983 and were apparently based on the popularity of the musical "Cats". They were series of five 8" figures with furry bodies and plastic faces, hands and feet. They were dressed in a selection of bizarre clothing and came with a storybook. There was also one playset produced.

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"A different breed of cat!"

There were five dolls produced.

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Broccola Perrfection Meeskite Remington Tallulah


"Those Fabulous Felines demand the best. No wonder they converted this show off custom limo into colourful private quarters. Equipped with all the accoutrements one would expect from Remington and his gang."

There was one playset produced, called the Catnip Parlour.

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Fabulous Felines