Purr-tenders :: Plush

"Shhhh! I'm really a cat!"

Purr-tenders were produced by Hallmark in 1987-88 and Fisher Price in 1989. They were a very short lived line of cats pretending to be other animals in order to be bought from a pet shop as they felt nobody wanted to buy a cat! There was a set of large, plush toys, smaller plush toys, small plastic figures and a few books but they never made it into cartoon status.

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There were five large, plush Purr-tenders released originally, with Teddy-purr being added later. They were roughly 10 inches high and each one came with a mask to disgise them as other animals. Inside they had a battery operated devise that purred when hugged (thereby giving away they were actually cats).

[no image]
[toucan mask]
[duck mask]
[bunny mask]

[no image]
[dog mask]
[mouse mask]
[bear mask]

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Purr-tenders :: Plush