Rose Petal Place :: Friends & Foes

"Meet the Rose Petal Place dolls, that look and smell like beautiful flowers!"

Rose Petal Place was produced by Kenner in 1984. They were a group of scented, flower themed dolls, with petal dresses and floral accessories. There were also a few playsets and other related accessories. The doll molds were used again for Kenner's Bubble Belles in 1990.

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Friends & Foes

There were two large plush friends produced, a kitten and a hedgehog, and one spider foe doll.


"Every garden has its bad seed, and in this one it's the spider, Nastina. She's a funny old creature who wished she could be as beautiful as the other flower dolls. She is clad in purple. Her body is sculpted with bloomers and a corset, and her skirt is cloth. She can jump into any situation when dangled by a cord attached to her torso. All eight of her limbs are articulated as well has her head and torso, and she can even bob up and down by pressing the lever on her body."


"Pitterpat is the lovely 'angora' kitten which wonders into the magical world of Rose Petal. She watches after Rose Petal like a hawk and has saved her from more than a little trouble. Rose Petal loves her for it and so will kids. She's a cuddle, huggable kitten whose tail is actually poseable for lots of fun play!"

Tumbles The Hedgehog

"Tumbles The Hedgehog is the shy, loveable creature that's as cute as a button. He's a happy-go-lucky creature who trips and stumbles about and rolls into a 'ball' of laughs and fun. Kids can roll him into a ball too, fastening his button."

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Rose Petal Place :: Friends & Foes