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"Meet the Rose Petal Place dolls, that look and smell like beautiful flowers!"

Rose Petal Place was produced by Kenner in 1984. They were a group of scented, flower themed dolls, with petal dresses and floral accessories. There were also a few playsets and other related accessories. The doll molds were used again for Kenner's Bubble Belles in 1990.

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There were a few accessories to accompany the series.

Soft Purse

"Now little girls can have a purse just like the one Rose Petal has. Rose Petal Place Purse is a child-sized version of the Rose Petal drawstring purse."

Sweet Harp

Stiching Pattern Book

Designs By Gloria & Pat. Patterns included are:

  • Rose-Petal in her Roadster
  • Pitterpat
  • Pose-Petal Place
  • Rose-Petal and Pitterpat
  • Seymour J. Snailsworth
  • A Sunning Sunny Sunflower
  • P.D. Centipede
  • Tumbles the Hedgehog
  • Rose-Petal
  • Rose-Petal and Sunny Sunflower
  • Daffodil
  • Iris
  • Lily Fair
  • Orchid
  • Rose-Petal Singing
  • Sunny Sunflower




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Rose Petal Place :: Accessories