Rose Petal Place :: Fashions

"Meet the Rose Petal Place dolls, that look and smell like beautiful flowers!"

Rose Petal Place was produced by Kenner in 1984. They were a group of scented, flower themed dolls, with petal dresses and floral accessories. There were also a few playsets and other related accessories. The doll molds were used again for Kenner's Bubble Belles in 1990.

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There were ten sets of fashions produced. Five for Rose-Petal, and one each for each of the other five dolls.

"Kids can dress up Rose-Petal and all her friends. Rose-Petal Fashions are an assortment of ten different fashions for Rose-Petal and the Rose-Petal Dolls. Rose-Petal has five beautiful outfits and each one of the other dolls have their own very special outfit. What's more, the clothes are themed around the activities of the dolls in the garden."

Left to right:

  • Garden Belle
  • Bathing Beauty
  • Petal Pushers
  • Painting Posies
  • Dotted Dancer

Left to right:

  • Tea Rose Party
  • Flower Dreams
  • Rose Water
  • Victorian Charmer
  • Skating Time

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Rose Petal Place :: Fashions