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"Making friends and having fun is the way to get along!"

Get Along Gang were produced by Tomy and Those Characters from Cleveland in 1984-87.  They started of as greeting card characters, then a cartoon, figures, books and accessories.

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There were twelve miniatures produced in the US and a further four in the UK, measuring about 2 inches each. The main six characters had two poses each produced, while the rest only had one. The four UK mini's are very hard to find on the second-hand market.

There was also a playset for them too called Clubhouse Caboose.

These were the six main characters.

Bingo Beaver Dotty Dog

Montgomery Moose Portia Porcupine

Woolma Lamb Zipper Cat

Six more characters were then added.

Bernice Bear Braker Turtle Flora Fox

Lolly Squirrel Rocco Rabbit Rudyard Lion

The UK only released these four characters.

Catchum Crocodile Leland Lizard Hocus Hare Pocus Possum

Miniature Playsets

There were at least two playsets produced for the miniatures.

Miniatures & Clubhouse Caboose

Haunted Badger Mansion

Windup Toys

There were seven different wind-up toys produced in two different sets.

Windup Wheelies

"The Gang's movin' along ... pushin', circlin' and wheelin' on a get-about cycle, wagon and skates!"

There were three Windup Wheelies, windup toys with fixed figures.

Dotty Dog on Skates Montgomery Moose and Wagon Zipper Cat on a Bicycle

Fun Wheelin' Wind-Ups

"Wind 'em up!...Each vehicle had its own unique movement, and a peg that fits any Get Along Gang Miniature! So, mix 'n match your favourite combination of vehicles and miniatures!"

There were also four Fun Wheelin' Wind-Ups toys. These sets came with a one of four of the US mini figures, so was removable and interchangable.

Handrail Car

River Raft


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Soapbox Cart

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Get Along Gang :: Miniatures