Girl Talk :: Secret Diary

"Just for girls!"

Girl Talk was produced by Golden in 1988-93 and were a selection of games for girls all about dating and boys! There was also a series of books and some electrical items too. The original game was also re-designed by Milton Bradley in 1995, as well as versions by Waddingtons for UK (1988), XF Schmid for Germany (1991) and even a PC game.

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Secret Diary - The Game of Sharing Secrets and Surprises

"Secret Diary lets you peek into a real diary while you have fun sharing secrets and getting to know your friends even better!"

Secret Diary was produced in 1991. The game included:

  • 384-Page Diary
  • 96 Calendar Cards
  • 6 Notepads
  • 6 Pencils
  • Personal & Confidential Envelope

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Girl Talk :: Secret Diary