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"Cool! My hair changes colour"!

Hollywoods were produced in 1987-88 by Tonka. They were a series of 5 inch dolls with jointed arms, legs and head and had painted-on swim suits, tights (on some) and sandals. They had colour-change hair which changed when warm. There were also a few small playsets and fashions produced.

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The 1988 Tonka Toy Catalogue shows one new accessory, but I'm unsure if it was ever released on general sale.

Hollywoods Cool Shades

"The coolest shades - day or night!"

  • Be cool! Be Hollywoods!
  • 4 hot styles so kids can look as cool as the Hollywoods.
  • Come with break-away neck strap and sunglasses case.
  • Lenses are scratch resistant.

For Sale

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Hollywoods :: Accessories