Ice Tickle :: Babies [Unproduced]

"We come from a land of ice and snow, and we show our love with a colourful glow. In pink or purple or blue, our colours will show a fun shape too. When we change our colour the fun doesn't end, with a nice, warm hug we'll turn white again!"

Ice Tickle Bears, Bunnies and Babies were produced by Mattel in 1994. They were a small series of plush bears and bunnies with colour change fur.

Images on this page thanks to Eden Eye!

Babies [Unproduced]

"Cuddly, soft, white plush toys ready to be play fed. Ice Tickle babies are baby bunny, bear, or puppy, with iridescent ears and feet and a shimmershine baby headband with a flower. Each comes with its own bottle. The child fills the bottile with icy water and pretends to feed her baby, then she gently rubs the Ice Tickle Baby's tummy and watches it change colour. The heart shaped tummy changes back to pink, lavender or turquoise."

There were three 10 inch high Ice Tickle Babies lined up for production, although it is likely that they never made it into the shops.

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Ice Tickle Babies (Unproduced)