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"The outrageous caterpillar with lots-a-sneakers, lots-a-socks, and lots-a-lots-a-leggggggs!"

Lots-a-Lots-a-Leggggggs was produced by Commonwealth in 1984, and again in 1998. They were colourful, plush caterpillars with a multitude of legs, wearing multi-coloured socks with sneaker-printed feet. In Greece they were produced by El Greco, in Italy by Gig and in France by Ideal. Some are also marked with Hasbro.

They were sold in the UK, US and parts of Europe under varying names:
  • UK & US: Lots-a-Lots-a-Leggggggs
  • France: Mille Pa-Pattttttes
  • Italy: Tante Tante Gambe
  • Greece: Trexalitsa

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There were several related accessories produced, including quite a lot of school items in Italy. There were also bags, plastic figures, slippers and puzzles.

School Items

There were several school items produced by Gig for sale in Italy, I don't know if they were sold elsewhere.

School Bags

Pencil Cases

Ring Binders



Pencil Clips

The pencil clips were produced by Ideal for sale in France, I don't know if they were sold elsewhere.

Accessories ~ Clothing

There were a couple of clothing items produced in the original line.

These slippers came out with the reissued line in 1998.

Accessories ~ Bags

There were a couple of bags produced in the original line.

These bags came out with the reissued line in 1998.

Other Items

The side of the box states there were 30 figurines inside and dated 1988.

This toy looks crazy! It was produced in 1985 by Talbot Toys.

These puzzles are dated 1985.

This christmas stocking is dated 1985.

This item looked like a swiss army knife but was actually a small safe.

For Sale

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Lots-a-Lots-a-Leggggggs :: Accessories