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"The outrageous caterpillar with lots-a-sneakers, lots-a-socks, and lots-a-lots-a-leggggggs!"

Lots-a-Lots-a-Leggggggs was produced by Commonwealth in 1984, and again in 1998. They were colourful, plush caterpillars with a multitude of legs, wearing multi-coloured socks with sneaker-printed feet. In Greece they were produced by El Greco, in Italy by Gig and in France by Ideal. Some are also marked with Hasbro.

They were sold in the UK, US and parts of Europe under varying names:
  • UK & US: Lots-a-Lots-a-Leggggggs
  • France: Mille Pa-Pattttttes
  • Italy: Tante Tante Gambe
  • Greece: Trexalitsa

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Plush Special Characters

There were quite a few different character toys produced which came with varous amounts of legs and variations of colour and size. I've only found two references to what characters produced. I think some were only released in Europe, where they had different names.

Double Header

These had eight pairs of legs, blue eyes, and knitted socks and scarves.

This double-headed version is bigger in size than the ones above, although still has eight pairs of legs. It also have a super expression on its face.


Faterpillar was 23 inches long.

Rain Bowlegged

I don't know if all sizes were marketed as "Rain Bowlegged" or it was just for the 16 legged versions. An italian advert shows there were also toys with 20 legs and 10 legs, plus I have found an 8 legged Greek version too.

8 Pairs of Legs - Purple Head 10 Pairs of Legs - Yellow Head
8 Pairs of Legs - Blue Head 8 Pairs of Legs - Pink Head
5 Pairs of Legs 5 Pairs of Legs
4 Pairs of Legs [Greek]

Other Characters

There weren't any colour variations of these next eight characters, and mini versions were produced of all but TapToes and ToeDonna (see further down).

Baby Toes Clown

[no image]
[no image]
Cowboy Footlights TapToes

[no image]
ToeTunes ToeLoose Le Trek ToeDonna / Miss Lots-a-Legs

Plush Mini Special Characters

These toys all had 3 pairs of legs and some were mini versions of the 8-legged toys above.

Mini Footlights Mini Baby Toes

Mini Clown Mini ToeTunes

Mini ToeLoose Le Trek Mini Cowboy

Various Characters

This one is made completely from fabric with the characters show above printed on it.

This one appeares to be a chef, but was not part of the group above (as far as I know).

This one has thread hair, wears a tie and odd shoes. It also looks half asleep!

These toys all have 3 pairs of legs, but weren't part of the Mini series as they were bigger in size. They all have character clothing.

3 Pairs of Legs ~ "Marathon" [colour variations]

3 Pairs of Legs ~ "Musical" 3 Pairs of Legs ~ "Rock"

3 Pairs of Legs ~ Ski Outfit 3 Pairs of Legs ~ Sailor Outfit

3 Pairs of Legs ~ Clouds Bedtime Outfit 3 Pairs of Legs ~ Multi-Coloured Baby

3 Pairs of Legs ~ Pink Baby [Baby Toes?] 3 Pairs of Legs ~ Winter Outfit

3 Pairs of Legs ~ Wedding Couple 3 Pairs of Legs ~ Cocktail Outfit

3 Pairs of Legs ~ Jeans Outfit 3 Pairs of Legs ~ Birthday Outfit

3 Pairs of Legs ~ Boxing Outfit 3 Pairs of Legs ~ Military Outfit

3 Pairs of Legs ~ Green Hat 3 Pairs of Legs ~ Denim Outfit

This one has an Austrian theme. It still has its original card label attached marked 1986 Hasbro/Commonwealth.

These area spiders (I think!), as seen on the French advert at the top of the page.

Seasonal Specials

These look to be Christmas specials, and an earlier production looking at the style of eye.

Lots-A-Lots-A-Hearts body was a series of hearts. Maybe a Valentine's day special?


There were a few multi-coloured toys produced, different from the rainbow version higher up the page.

These multi-coloured toys have bold rather than pastel colours. The 26-legged toy had a letter from the alphabet on each foot.

These two are almost identical apart from their feet.

The larger of the blue and yellow toys have a fabric crown crowns printed on their sneakers, the smaller version did not.

This one has a two-tone body and a simplified boot design.

This white and blue toy has "Suomi" and "Finland" written on its legs. It has red eyes.

Is this a French flag version? This also has red eyes.

This one's very small and had plastic boots and red eyes.

This version has a musical pull-cord and woven eyes. According to the owner (Sara), "the music box is a wind up toy that when you pull the string it plays a tune and shrinks".


There were at least three butterflies produced and were about 12 inches long with six legs and heart shaped noses. They had an opening along their backs to tuck their wings into, so they could change from a caterpillar to butterfly and back again!

Window Suckers

I've found one window sucker plush toy.

For Sale

When you click links to various merchants on this site and make a purchase, this can result in this site earning a commission. Affiliate programs and affiliations include, but are not limited to, the eBay Partner Network and Google AdSense.
Lots-a-Lots-a-Leggggggs :: Characters