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My Little Pony were originally produced by Hasbro for twelve years from 1982 to 1994, with the last two years only being sold in UK/Europe, making them very collectable to US buyers. There were literally hundreds (if not thousands!) of ponies produced, as well as ample playsets and other pony accessories. The series re-emerged in 1997-99 (G2) with new look ponies, then again in 2003 to present day (G3) with another design over-hall. The only ponies listed here are the G1 line.

MLP items are grouped by production year and divided into Ponies, Special Offer Ponies and Accessories & Playsets. I have noted were ponies & playsets were (or weren't) produced for the UK as best possible, plus added in as many Euro/other variations as I can find.

Related lines Dream Beauties, Li'l Litter and Petite Ponies have their own sections.

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My Little Pony :: Commercials