My Little Pony :: Ponies ~ Year 1 [1982 - 1983]

My Little Pony were originally produced by Hasbro for twelve years from 1982 to 1994 (Generation 1, or G1), with the last two years only being sold in UK/Europe, making them very collectable to US buyers. There were literally hundreds (if not thousands!) of ponies produced, as well as ample playsets and other pony accessories.

The first year of production saw the release of six Earth Ponies. They were based on Hasbro's 1981 toy called My Pretty Pony, a 14" hard plastic pony with brushable hair (see bottom).

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Original Earth Ponies [Set 1] AKA "Flat Foot Ponies"

"My little pony is a pretty pony with long, shiny hair. She likes you to comb her hair so it stays silky and soft. You can braid her tail and tie it in a ribbon too!"

There were six Original Earth Ponies produced and were a slightly different shape from ponies produced in this pose in future years. Their feet were closer together and heads slightly lower. They are easy to tell apart from their re-produced versions as the originals all have flat, rather than concave, feet. They each came with a comb and ribbon.

Blossom and Cotton Candy returned in Year 2's Earth Ponies, Butterscotch in Year 2's UK playset "Gymkhana" and Snuzzle in the UK re-issue of the "Grooming Parlour" playset. All six also returned in Year 4 in a special offer called Collector Ponies.

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Blossom Blue Belle Butterscotch
Type: Earth
Body: Purple
Hair: Purple
Symbol: Flowers
Type: Earth
Body: Blue
Hair: Purple
Symbol: Stars
Type: Earth
Body: Orange
Hair: Orange
Symbol: Butterflies

Cotton Candy Minty Snuzzle
Type: Earth
Body: Pink
Hair: Pink
Symbol: Dots
Type: Earth
Body: Green
Hair: White
Symbol: Clover
Type: Earth
Body: Gray
Hair: Pink
Symbol: Hearts

They are dated 1982.

This is a flat foot pony side by side with the same concave foot pony for comparison.


Minty wasn't included for some reason!

US Packaging

"Soft 'n sweet little ponies with long, silky hair for you to comb and braid."

Packaging is dated 1982.

Blossom Blue Belle Butterscotch

Cotton Candy Minty Snuzzle

"Collect and play with all 6 little ponies. There's a pony in each of your favourite colours."

US back packaging was the same for each pony.

UK Packaging

UK packaging was the same on the front as the US illustration, but with slightly different wording and an offer in the top lefthand corner. The back packaging used the illustration from the 1983 earth ponies along with the hair braiding instructions (but differently worded.

My Pretty Pony

"My Pretty Pony - like owning a pony! Pony has long, beautiful mane and tail to be lovingly brushed, combed, tied with ribbons. When you press secret lever, pony wiggles ears, swished tail and winks. Ribbons, grooming brush and comb, blanket, hat and grooming guide included."

My Little Pony was based on Hasbro's 1981 toy My Pretty Pony, a 14" hard plastic pony with brushable hair.

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My Little Pony :: Year 1