Nosy Bears :: Shaker

"Squeeze their tummies! Watch their funny noses!"

Nosy Bears were produced by Playskool/Those Characters from Cleveland/Hasbro from 1987 to the early 1990's. They were plush teddies (plus a few bunnies) with plastic globes on their noses. When their bellies were squeezed various items in their noses would move about from the air pumped in. The smaller Shaker Nosy Bears and Nosy Bunnies had snowglobe type noses which were filled with a liquid. There were also a few accessories made to go along side the series.

They were sold in the US, UK and various parts of Europe, with slightly varying names:

  • US/UK - Nosy Bears
  • Canada - Popinours
  • France - Nosynours

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Shaker Nosy Bears ~ First Release

"Here come those colourful little creatures called Nosy Bears! Each Nosy Bear has a special way of putting a smile on everyone's face! All they need is you to share in their fun! Just give them a shake and watch their noses go crazy with excitment! Nosy Bears are so adorable that once you've shaken one, you'll want to shake them all! Make friends with Nosy Bears today and share in the fun!"

There were nine Shaker Nosy Bears produced in all, released in two groups; firstly in a group of six, then three more with heart themed noses.

They were nine inches high, making them look more like baby bears. As their name suggests, the were meant to be shaken rather than squeezed to interact with their noses.

  • Ahoy - Boat
  • Chuckles - Clown
  • Goody - Ice Cream Sundae
Ahoy Chuckles Goody

  • Mazey - Maze and Ball
  • Penny - Pig & Circles
  • Ringer - Hoops and Bear
Mazey Penny Ringer


US Shaker packaging is marked "Playskool", whereas Nosynours packaging is marked "Hasbro".

Second Release

The second release of Shaker Bears had heart themed noses.

  • Candy Heart - lots of small hearts and glitter
  • Happy Heart - one large heart and severl small heats and glitter
  • Heartfelt - two heart hoops and glitter
Candy Heart Happy Heart Heartfelt


US Shaker packaging is marked "Playskool".

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Nosy Bears :: Shaker