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"So many different kinds of Quints to collect and love!"

Quints were produced by Tyco in the early 1990's. They were a series of tiny quints dolls with loads of accessories, fashions and playsets to collect. There were also sets of teenage doll triplets to babysit the quints, who had fashions and playsets of their own.

They were sold in the US, Australia, UK and other parts of Europe under varying names:

  • UK & US: Quints
  • Italy: Bidibodi

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Quints Fashion

There were six sets of fashion for the Quints, which were sold in boxes in the US (five are dated 1990, and Wedding Pretty 1991). In the UK and Australia, they were sold on blister cards and dated 1995.

  • Summer Fun (#1560-1)
  • Party Time (#1560-2)
  • Sleepy Time (#1560-3)
  • Wash Up Time (#1560-4)
  • Snowy Fun (#1560-5)
  • Wedding Pretty (#1560-6)

Party Time

Sleepy Time

Snowy Fun

This is the Italian packaging.

Summer Fun

Wash Up Time

Wedding Pretty

This was the last fashion set to be released, in 1991.

Back Packaging

Party Time. Slumber Time and Sleepy Time had the same back packaging (Snowy Time, Washing Up TIme and Wedding Time were not on the back).

Wash Up Time had all five sets from 1990 on the back.

Party Time wasn't shown on the back of Wedding Pretty, which is dated 1991.

UK/Autralian blister packaging featured Sleepy Time, Summer Fun and Wash-Up Time. It is dated 1995.

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Quints :: Fashion