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"Beautiful mermaids love to play in or out of water!"

Sea Wees were produced by Kenner from 1979-85. They were a series of 4 inch plastic mermaid dolls with 2 inch babies made for playing with in the bath.  Each doll came with a flat sponge with one, two or three wholes in it which the dolls could fit into in order to float.

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There were four playsets produced and two of them came with special Sea Wees.

Sea Wees 'n' Babies

This playset came with two pairs of new Sea Wees n' Babies.


  • Briny & Baby Beach
  • Sunny & Baby Surf
Briny & Baby Beach Sunny & Baby Surf


  • Yellow Vinyl Shell Shaped Bonnet
  • Pink Robe
  • Pink Towel
  • Red Octopus Comb
  • Green Star Comb
  • Orange Star Shaped Sponge

TropiGals Playset [1982]

"A colourful new way to launch the Sea Wees TripiGals collection! Blue hair and tan, Camille and her baby Cascade are beautiful mermaids with blue bodies: they have a pet pelican names Pelly. Sun-tanned Flora Sea Wees and her Baby Finella both have white hair and purple mermaid bodies and their sea-pet is a little dog, Dubloon. There's still more colour; a green starfish-shaped lily pad/sponge with die-cut holes for all to float in tub or pool, and both Camille and Flora Sea Wees have their own polynesian-style hula-hula grass skirt and orange and green hair combs."

This playset came with two sets of the TropiGals. These were not new characters, but had different colours from their original release.


  • Camille, Baby Cascade and Pelly
  • Flora, Baby Finella and Dubloon
Camille, Baby Cascade and Pelly Flora, Baby Finella and Dubloon


  • 2 Grass Skirts
  • Orange Bubbles Comb
  • Green Fish Comb
  • Yellow Star Shaped Sponge

Sea Wees Lagoon


  • Mirror
  • Blue Blowfish Shower
  • Green Seahorse
  • 4 Orange Coral Shaped Sponges

Sea Wees Beauty Shell


  • Mirror
  • Green Brush
  • Green Double-fish Comb
  • Compartment for Sea Wee Combs

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Sea Wees :: Playsets