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"A doll to fall in love with."

Victoria Plum started life in the early 1980's as a large series of illustrated story books by the well know English TV journalist Angela Rippon. The main character of Victoria Plum was then merchandised as dolls (by Telitoy & Dakin), along with puzzles, fabric and several other items.

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There were lots of illustrated books written by Angel Rippon. These are the ones I know of.

Story Books [hardback & softback]

  • Victoria and the Lost Moonbeam
  • Victoria and the Prickly Hedgehog
  • Victoria and the Unwelcome Visitor
  • Victoria Plum at the Seaside
  • Victoria Plum Gives Ben a Surprise
  • Victoria Gives a Flying Lesson
  • Victoria Goes Fishing
  • Victoria Plum Goes House Hunting
  • Victoria Plum Plants a Garden
  • Victoria Plum Story Book
  • Victoria Plum's Adventures
  • Victoria Plum's Toys
  • Victoria's Snowflake Net
  • Storytime with Victoria Plum
Lost Moonbeam Prickly Hedgehog Unwelcome Visitor At The Seaside

Gives Ben a Surprise Flying Lesson Fishing

Goes House Hunting Plants a Garden Story Book

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Adventures Toys Snowflake Net Storytime

Board Books (also sold as hardback)

  • Victoria Plum and the Little Bird
  • Victoria's Surprise Party
  • Victoria Has a Visitor
  • Victoria Plum Goes on a Picnic
  • Victoria Plum On the Farm
Surprise Party On The Farm

Rag Books

  • Victoria Plum Rainy Day Book


Annual 1982 Annual 1983 Annual 1985

Shape Books

  • Victoria Plum and the Magic Spell
  • Victoria Plum on Sports Day
  • Victoria Plum and her Woodland Friends
Magic Spell Sports Day Woodland Friends

Learn with Victoria Plum

  • Learn with Victoria Plum
  • Victoria Plum's 1 2 3
  • Victoria Plum's Flowers
  • Victoria Plum's Trees
  • Victoria Plum's Woodland Animals

Pop-up Books

  • Victoria Plum's Garden
  • Victoria Plum's Seaside Adventure

Activity Books

  • Doll Dressing Book
  • Sticker Album
  • Paint & Trace Book - Victoria Goes House Hunting
  • Paint & Trace Book - Victoria Has a Party
Doll Dressing Sticker Album House Hunting Party

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Victoria Plum :: Books