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Flower Fairies were produced 1983-89 by Hornby. They were a series of 7 inches dolls with little petal outfits and wings that fitted into their backs, inspired by Cicely Mary Barker's drawings.  Along with the fairy dolls there were pixie dolls, fashion sets, animal friends and playsets.

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Friends ~ Enchanted Mushrooms

There were three Enchanted Mushrooms, which came with various little accessories for the Flower Fairies.

  • Fragrance Mushroom [no image]
  • Glitter Mushroom - "with _ paint"
  • Healing Mushroom - "with fairy first aid kit"
Glitter Mushroom Healing Mushroom

Friends ~ Woodland Friends

There were five plush Woodland Friends, each one came with a Flower Fairy and a saddle for them to ride on.

  • Badger [c/w with Blackthorne Fairy]
  • Hedgehog [c/w Rose fairy]
  • Mouse [c/w Laburnum Fairy]
  • Rabbit [c/w Lavender Fairy]
  • Squirrel [c/w Harebell Fairy]
Badger Mouse

[no image]
Rabbit Squirrel Hedgehog

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Flower Fairies :: Friends