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Flower Fairies were produced 1983-89 by Hornby. They were a series of 7 inches dolls with little petal outfits and wings that fitted into their backs, inspired by Cicely Mary Barker's drawings.  Along with the fairy dolls there were pixie dolls, fashion sets, animal friends and playsets.

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There were twelve Pixies produced in total, all sold individually and some also sold again in sets with fairies or with extra accessories.

I've not found conclusive evidence that these three pixies were ever sold in any other way than on their own.

  • Double Daisy Pixie
  • Pine Pixie
  • Plantain Pixie
Double Daisy Pixie Pine Pixie Plantain Pixie

Flower Fairy Twins

These were fairy & pixie sets sold together. They were also available separately. See Fairies page for fairy doll images.

  • Christmas Tree & Holly Pixie
  • Narcissus & Ground Ivy Pixie
  • Purple Clover & Nasturtium Pixie
  • Self Heal & Self Heal Pixie "with first aid bag, bandage, sling, splint & plasters"
  • Sweet Pea & Strawberry Pixie
Holly Pixie Ground Ivy Pixie Nasturtium Pixie

Self-Heal Pixie Strawberry Pixie

Pixies with Accessories

Four of the pixies were also sold with an accessory each (as well as being sold without).

  • Bluebell Pixie with Basket
  • Elm Pixie with Wheelbarrow
  • Privet Pixie with Rake and Two Flower Pots
  • Thistle Pixie with Watering Can
Bluebell Pixie with Basket (not shown) Elm Pixie with Wheelbarrow (and without)

Privet Pixie with Rake and Two Pots (and without)

Thistle Pixie with Watering Can (and without)

There was also mention of another pixie accessory shown in a Flower Fairy catalogue/brochure which I have not heard mention of elsewhere, but have had confrmation it was produced by an owner of one. The pixie in the image below is Pine Pixie, but he is not mentioned by name in the text.

Pixie and Sledge

For Sale

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Flower Fairies :: Pixies