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"These sweet colourful kitties and puppies are just made for little girls to love. Just right to cuddle and pamper, Little Pretty kitties and puppies make the world a nicer place to be."

Little Pretty were produced by Mattel from 1989-91. They were a series of kitties and puppies with plastic bodies and long brushable hair. Each one also had a different symbol (like My Little Pony). There was also a few playsets produced.
Little Pretty kittens were made using the same mould as Lady Lovely Locks pets Sparkle Pretty, of which there were six produced. The obvious difference between them is that Sparkle Pretty pets did not have symbols.

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There were two large, three medium and two small playsets produced, four of which came with exclusive kittens.

  • Perm 'n Play - c/w Snow Curl
  • Beauty City
  • Pets Playhouse
  • Beauty Mobile - c/w Carla (name yet to confirm)
  • Buggy - c/w Un-named Baby Kitty
  • Perfume Kitty Gift Set - c/w Pinkums & Lila
  • Mail Order Set

Perm 'n Play

"A carry-along case and Little Pretty beauty shop in one! For hours of transforming play! Doors, awning and side walls become styling canity, sink bason and dressing screen. Includes a swiveling beauty chair and lots of fun beauty accessories too. There's even a special kitty with 'magical' curlable hair with her own special curling iron."

  • Snow Curl [kitten] white body with pink hair; curl of hair symbol

The final playset looked very similar to the publicity shots.

Beauty ShopBeauty ShopSnow Curl

Beauty City [aka Pet Carrier & Spa]

Beauty City came with lots of little accessories for beautifying your pets (although no pets were included). It included the carrier, a hairdryer on a stand, working shower with curtain, swing/cradle (attached to the top of the carrier), two food bowls, milk carton, two tiaras, one visor, headphones, two prize rosettes and stickers for the bowls, rosettes and milk.

The playset was called "Pet Carrier and Spa" in the 1990 Mattel catalogue, and looks a little different from Beauty City. The logo on the front differs and it also has side door and a yellow slide. I've come across mention of a deluxe pet carrier, but I've never seen the version below anywhere other than in publicity material, leading me to beleive it was never sold like this.

Pets Playhouse

"A fun place for special puppies and kitties to play, snack, nap and get pretty!"

This playset featured a multitude of small accessories to go with the cardboard background of a kitchen, bedroom and powder-room, but didn't come with it's own kitten.

Pets Playhouse

The final playset was almost identical to the publicity shot.

Pets Playhouse

Beauty Mobile

"It's Little Pretty beauty and vehicle fun - all in one! This vanity set offers hair play fun for the Little Pretty dolls!. It magically transforms into a vehicle to transprot your Little Pretty doll to a fun adventure near or far! Includes Little Pretty character, hair play and beauty accessories."

The Beauty Mobile came with its very own pet kitten. The Mattel catalogue doesn't name or even picture the kitten, but it was possibly called Carla.

  • Carla? [kitten] - purple body with purple hair; musical note symbol

Possible called CarlaPossible called Carla

The publicity image playset was quite different in colour from the sold playset.

Baby Buggy

The Baby Buggy playset came with its very own baby pet kitten. The Mattel catalogue doesn't name or even picture the kitten, but is commonly referred to simply as Baby Buggy.

  • Un-named Baby [kitten] - pink body with pink hair; heart symbol

Baby Buggy Baby Buggy

Baby Buggy

The publicity image playset was quite different in colour from the sold playset.

Baby Buggy

Perfume Kitties Gift Set

"Now girls can smell as pretty as their Little Pretty Perfume pets! Carnation scented Pinkums and lilac scented Lila Perfume kitties come in their own collectible perfume bottle. Also included is a child-size bottle of real cologne, perfect for a Little Pretty loving little girl to wear!"

The Perfume Kitties Gift Set came with two kitties from the Perfumed Pets line (Pinkums and Lilac), real perfume and a comb.

Baby Buggy Baby Buggy

The kitties were the same in the publicity image, but the perfume bottle and playset name were different (it was originaly called Cologne Gift Set).

Pets Playhouse

Mail Order Set

There was one mail order playset available via the Paw Points found on the packaging. The set included a book full of hairstyling instructions which could also be coloured in.

Pets Playhouse

For Sale

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Little Pretty :: Playsets