Little Pretty :: Original Set

"These sweet colourful kitties and puppies are just made for little girls to love. Just right to cuddle and pamper, Little Pretty kitties and puppies make the world a nicer place to be."

Little Pretty were produced by Mattel from 1989-91. They were a series of kitties and puppies with plastic bodies and long brushable hair. Each one also had a different symbol (like My Little Pony). There was also a few playsets produced.
Little Pretty kittens were made using the same mould as Lady Lovely Locks pets Sparkle Pretty, of which there were six produced. The obvious difference between them is that Sparkle Pretty pets did not have symbols.

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Original Set

"Adorable puppies and kitties who love to look pretty, and need little girls to love and care for their extra-long, silky hair!"

There were six characters produced in the original series, four kittens and two puppies. They each came with a neck frill, ribbon and comb. The four kittens were reproduced and sold with the Glitter n' Grow series. They can easily be told apart as the original ones had hair which was about seven inches long, where as all Little Pretties produced afterwards had much shorter hair.

Polished Paws


  • Frosty Fur - white body & blond hair; blue ice cream cone symbol
  • Mimi - pink body & hair; yellow star symbol
  • Rosebud - aqua body & hair; pink rose symbol
  • Zizi - purple body & hair; orange bee symbol
Frosty Fur Mimi Rosebud Zizi
Frosty Fur Mimi Rosebud Zizi


  • Flutterina - pink body with dark pink hair; yellow butterfly symbol
  • Ginger - yellow body & hair; brown gingerbread man symbol
Flutterina Ginger
Flutterina Ginger

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Little Pretty :: Original Set