My Little Pony :: Special Offer Ponies ~ Year 2 [1983 - 1984]

My Little Pony were originally produced by Hasbro for twelve years from 1982 to 1994 (Generation 1, or G1), with the last two years only being sold in UK/Europe, making them very collectable to US buyers. There were literally hundreds (if not thousands!) of ponies produced, as well as ample playsets and other pony accessories.

MLP Year 2 had four new sets of ponies, plus three new sets of plush ponies. There was one new special offer pony and five new playsets produced. There were also many non US pony variations.

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Year 2 ~ Contents



Other Ponies

Accessories & Playsets


Pony Wear

Ember, My Beautiful Baby Pony

Ember was the first baby pony to be produced. She had four different versions made in total, three in this offer and onother one in Year 3, which came with a story cassette called "Ember's Dream".

Ember was available in three colours, which could set in order of preference on the order form. Each pony came with a ribbon and a round scented puffy sticker with their picture on it, but no brush or comb.

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Type: Earth
Body: Lavender
Hair: Pink
Symbol: None
Type: Earth
Body: Blue
Hair: Blue
Symbol: None
Type: Earth
Body: Pink
Hair: Lavender
Symbol: None

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My Little Pony :: Year 2 Special Offer Ponies