Bouncin' Ponies

Bouncin' Babies

"The dolls that really move!"

Bouncin' Babies, Kids, Ponies, Princesses and Big Sisters were produced by Galoob in 1988-90. Each doll or pony could move in various ways, powered by a battery. Babies and Kids had plenty of playsets, accessories and outfits sold separately as well as the various items they came with. The ponies also had separate carriages but the line ran out of steam before the Princess or big Sister sub-lines took off any further.

They were mainly sold in US, but also in UK and parts of Europe. The French version, called Bebes Boom, was produced by Galoob/Pipo, the Italian version by Galoob/Gig, and the UK version by Rainbow Toys/Galoob. They were also sold in Germany. I've found very few packaging images of the non US version. Other than the language difference, the packaging designs were the same as the US versions.

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Bouncin' Ponies

"The ponies that really move!"

There were six Bouncin' Ponies dolls produced, and also six carriages which they could pull. All the ponies were called Walkin' Ponies. They were shown on the back od the Bouncin' Kids packaging, so assume they were the right size for the dolls to fit in the carriages. The ponies were sold with and without the carriage.

Bouncin' Ponies

The ponies had ribbons and plastic beaded strands in their hair, and a ribbon around their necks.

  • Blue pony with white hair - pink with blue carriage
  • Grey pony with pink hair - purple with pink carriage
  • Pink pony with blue hair - yellow with pink carriage
  • Purple pony with pink hair - purple with pink carriage
  • White pony with pink hair - white with pink carriage
  • Yellow pony with yellow hair - yellow with pink carriage

Bouncin' Ponies


Bouncin' PoniesBouncin' Ponies

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Bouncin' Ponies