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"For girls"!"

Poochie was a fluffy white poodle with bright pink ears and purple sunglasses. Made by Mattel in the early 1980's she was very popular in the US and UK, but had her hay day in Italy! Poochie was produced as a plush toy, and had a huge collection of accessories to her name such as stationary and stamps, but also included many other items. There were also books, comics and an animated cartoon.

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Ink Stamps

Poochie had lots of different ink stamps, produced in many different languages.

Poochie Stamper Paws

Stamp Sets

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Don't Say it, Stamp It With Poochie!

Be Happy Call Me Close Freinds Give Me A Break Excellent He Loves Me

I Love You Keep Smiling Let's Play Let's Study Together ? I Miss You

Smile Sweet Dreams Take It Easy Totaly Awsome You're Super You Drive Me Crazy

You're A Champion You're A Hit ? Write To Me Soon ? I Love You

? ? ? ?

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Poochie :: Ink Stamps