Puppy Dog Tails :: Small Playsets

Puppy Dog Tails were produced by MIG in 1998. They were a series of small dogs and puppies of various breeds with plastic bodies and fabric ears. There were also playsets.

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Images on this page thanks to Zelmaniai and Deseo Koirafiguurit!

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Small Playsets

Back packaging shows six small playsets, plus there was at least one more Mum & Newborn set. The puppies shown on the back packaging weren't necessarily the ones which came with the sets, and the adults didn't vary from their single pack releases. These sets introduced at least four puppy versions of the original adults.

  • Hollywood Pups
  • Mum & Newborns
  • Puppy Bathtime Pups
  • Puppy Show Pup
  • Puppy Vet Care
  • Wedding Day Pups

Hollywood Pups

No image.

Mum & Newborn Sets

There were at least two mother and baby sets produced (mum with two pups). Each one came with an ID card, comb, ribbon, baby bottle, basket and blanket. There was no difference between the individually sold adults and these sets.



Golden Retrievers

Was this puppy also part of the Mum & Newborns, or part of another playset (like the set below)?

Puppy Bathtime Pups

This set came with a rottweiler and retriever (same as the single sets).

Puppy Show Pup

This set came with a rottweiler (same as the single)..

Puppy Vet Care

This came with a St Bernard (same as the single)..

Wedding Day Pups

No image.

Other Playsets or Reissues?

These items seem to be colour variations of various playset parts from above. The pup is a reissue from the Animal Play Set release.

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Puppy Dog Tails :: Small Playsets