Puppy Dog Tails :: Large PlaySets

Puppy Dog Tails were produced by MIG in 1998. They were a series of small dogs and puppies of various breeds with plastic bodies and fabric ears. There were also playsets.

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Large PlaySets

There were also two larger playsets produced, at a later date than the smaller ones. These sets introduced at least two m ore puppy versions of the original adults.

  • Puppy Beauty Parlour
  • Puppy Dream House

Puppy Beauty Parlour

The Puppy Beauty Parlour playset looks to have come with a pink Poodle adult and a Cocker Spaniel puppy.

Puppy Dream House

The Puppy Dream House was 13 inches height and opened up at the front to reveal the rooms within. Included was a light-up bed, bath, hairdryer, shampoo, TV with revolving pictures, armchair, table, sideboard, cooker, tray, dog bed and a picture. There may well have been other items too.

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Puppy Dog Tails :: Large Playsets